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5 Ways To Share The Power Of Love

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5 Ways To Share The Power Of Love

Utilize The External Force Of Love
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Sep 20, 2016 at 12:00 PM

This month, I’m excited to share a passage from my new book, The Power of Love. The inspiration came to me while I was in a dream state. I found myself in a long corridor of doors, uncertain of which one to open. Suddenly a celestial guide appeared and said, “choose this one.” When I opened the door all I could see was pure, beautiful, golden light. My guide tapped me on the shoulder and said;

“Now bring the awareness of this love energy to the humans.”

After this incredible dream-time journey, I would like to share with you the message this illuminated being conveyed to me. Simply put in human terms, he gave five distinct ways in which each one of us can utilize the eternal force of love in our everyday experience:

1. Share a kind word or deed with someone who needs it.

Put a few quarters in a stranger’s expired parking meter, buy a co-worker a cup of coffee, or just give a warm smile and a cheerful greeting to a tired cashier at the supermarket. Like Mother Teresa said, “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”

2. Don’t embrace drama – remember, the “show” can’t go on without an audience!

Avoid gossip, hypersensitivity, and judgment. You can’t know what other people are going through, so give them the benefit of the doubt whenever possible (and it’s always possible).

3. Help someone see the world through a “loving filter.”

Is there someone in your life who could benefit from a dose of positive energy? Don’t feed their negativity – instead, help them see the good in the world, and other people.

4. Don’t hold a grudge.

Forgiveness is the number one way to demonstrate unconditional love!

5.  Always take the high road.

If someone wrongs you, don’t respond in kind. Instead simply wish them love and realize that they are in your life to teach you something.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek excerpt from The Power of Love:

Seeing the World from Another Perspective

Everywhere I go, I see beautiful light around people—the potential around people—but they don’t see it in themselves. With all the information that has come through from the Spirit world, you might think I could tell people what to do, how to behave and what would be best for them. However, in the past thirty years of giving messages, I learned a very important lesson. You can never control another person or their behavior. It’s one thing to give advice, but another thing to take advice. The Spirit world may assist me in presenting something to a person in different ways, but it is not up to me to live their lives or make choices for them. The simple truth is that each of us is the creator of the world we are experiencing, and everyone on our path is there for a reason.

When I was doing my show The Ghost Whisperer many years ago, I had to deal with the Hollywood community. There were many wonderful, creative people whom I worked with and still keep in contact. And then there were some whom I am glad not to have to deal with again. I remember befriending Stephanie, one of the production assistants on the show, who dreamed of one day producing her own television series. At the time, she was in charge of making sure that our production staff was taken care of by bringing them coffee, the daily script changes, and whatever else was needed to facilitate their jobs. She was a happy, kind and creative person, but underneath the smiles, I could sense her insecurity.

After we had known each other for a while, Stephanie confided in me about an incident that made her quite upset. As she told me her story, her tears came to the surface. "I had this script that I was going to present to the network executives. Before I did, I gave it to a good friend and asked him to give it to one of the producers he was working for. I thought he would help me get my foot in the door, and we could work on the show together." I was starting to feel the direction this story was taking. "Behind my back, my friend gave it to the network and didn't include me in the presentation. I was heartbroken that he could betray me like that. I guess you can’t trust anyone in this business, not even your friends.” Then her emotion turned to anger. “I’m going to be ruthless, and lie and cheat like everyone else.” I shook my head no. “Don’t lower yourself to their level,” I said. “I know you will succeed, but you have to do it your way. Raise others up with your love and kindness. It will pay off for you.”

It’s unfortunate that people are greedy, hurtful and behave in unethical ways, but we must look at each situation from a higher perspective and see it as a lesson we chose to learn. No matter the situation, only we label it as “good” or “bad,” and only we can change our point of view about the experience. Until Stephanie was willing to re-evaluate the situation from a different point of view, her feelings of bitterness and regret would fester and grow. Remember that we have come to earth school with a plan, and what we may think of as a failure may actually be a turning point that will take us to where we need to be.

Limitations, Faults And Forgiveness

I often tell my audiences to reconcile any differences they may have with others while they are still in the physical world because we carry our unfinished business into the next world. We have many more opportunities to resolve conflicts on the earthly sphere than we do in Spirit. When you can release a misunderstanding, mistake or fault here in the physical by forgiving the other person, no matter the pain or hurt he or she may have caused, you expand the love in your heart. Forgiveness provides an incredible feeling of empowerment and freedom.

The Power of Love book, and the Power of Love Activation Card Deck will be released on November 15th, 2016. Pre-order yours now, and start sharing the love light in time for the holidays!




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