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5 Ways To Unlock Your Intuitive Mind

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5 Ways To Unlock Your Intuitive Mind

Open Your Psychic Gifts This Holiday Season
Sharon Anne Klingler
Sharon Anne Klingler More by this author
Dec 09, 2014 at 05:15 PM

What would you give to have an expert available to you every hour of every day? Well, you do! It’s your own inner, psychic self, the voice of your intuition. Some people don’t believe that they are psychic at all. But since intuition is simply the voice of the higher self – your own spirit – it’s always there for you. You just have to learn how to access it.

5 Ways To Open Your Intuitive Mind
1. Use conceptual and symbolic images to immediately trigger the intuitive response. (You’ll find two different psychic triggers below.)
2.  Give your imagination the job. It comes through your right brain, and it’s where your spirit speaks to you!
3.  No matter how you experience your perceptions (visually or conceptually), let yourself dive into them completely.
4.  Don’t analyze, criticize, question, or invalidate your experience. These are all left brain responses that remove you from your intuition.
5. Trust everything. See, sense, and feel every perception spontaneously, fully, and confidently.

Once you know these guidelines, all you have to do is turn on the switch with spontaneous psychic triggers that get the sensing and imaging started. Here are a few very simple triggers to help you tap the psychic mind of your spirit. Remember, trust is the key!

Answering Yes/No Questions Intuitively
Think of any question you may have that can be answered with a yes or no. State the question positively and simply before you get started. Don’t state the negative side of the situation as this may confuse the energy. (For instance, instead of asking Should I quit this job? ask Should I get a new job? Also, don’t ask either/or questions, such as Which would be best – a cooking class or writing class? If you have more than one option, you can ask about each one separately.) So think of a single yes/no question, and do the following process now.

Yes or No, Which Way Do I Go?
Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Think of your question and quickly imagine a traffic light in front of you. Be spontaneous, and sense the color you get. If you don’t see a light, make yourself get yellow, red, or green, even if you just get the word. Notice how you feel, and see if the color changes. Trust everything you perceive.

Of course, the symbols here are pretty obvious. Green means yes, go for it. Yellow means to proceed with caution or go slowly. And red means no, stop and wait – this may not be the best time to proceed. Sometimes the colors may change. This often means that there are variables or other options which are yet unknown. You can ask about it again later.

You can use this intuitive method with any yes/no question, large or small. Just pose the question simply and trust every perception. The red light/green light process is a very easy psychic trigger. Here’s another one that helps you gather intuitive insights about your relationships. All you have to do is think of a certain relationship and then dive into the image – conceptually, visually, emotionally. Notice everything you feel and sense.

Psychic Revelations for Relationships
Think of a relationship in your life. Close your eyes and take a deep, relaxing breath. Now imagine a blanket wrapping around you. This is the blanket of your relationship. What material is it, and how does it feel? Is it smooth or rough, large or small, warm or threadbare? Does it go all the way around you, or is it too small? Notice, too, if there are any embellishments, holes, or torn edges. How does this blanket make you feel?

The symbols here are also pretty clear. You’ll feel what they mean right away. This psychic trigger can be used for just about any type of relationship you have – even with companies. Practice it any time. It’s a little psychic moment that can speak volumes!
There you have just two of the many psychic triggers available to you. (For more images and words that trigger the intuitive response, see Chapter 8 in my book Power Words.)
This holiday give yourself a renewed commitment to knowing your spirit better. Listen to that inner voice in all things. You’ll discover so much beauty, love, and power there. You’ll find that when you open the gifts of the spirit, you’ll unwrap a heaven within. 


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