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5 Ways To Walk the Path of Light

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5 Ways To Walk the Path of Light

Your Spiritual Trail Guide
Deborah  King
Deborah King More by this author
Aug 20, 2014 at 04:45 AM

Do you live your life in the light each day? Do you act from a place of love and acceptance, even when faced with negativity? Do you wish you could? Well, you can!

Your Spiritual Trail Guide

 As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, my job is to facilitate your journey toward enlightenment and expanded consciousness. I’m a guide—I can point out the quickest and safest route to your desired destination, I can warn you about the twists and turns in the road, and I can alert you to any hazards you might encounter along the way. But what I can’t do is take the journey for you. It is you who must walk the trail, you who must pick up your feet for each step, just as you must do the personal work that needs to be done on your own spiritual path.

Clearing Away the Baggage

Doing the personal work of clearing your chakras and releasing negative emotions from your body and energy field is a necessary part of reaching higher levels of awareness and moving further along on the path of light. This is a continuous process—keeping your energy field and chakras clear, remaining centered and in alignment, keeping your ego in check—but it does get easier as you move up through the levels and have less and less baggage to clear away.

 It All Begins with Self-Healing

A practice of energy healing and attending healing courses and energy medicine workshops is the best way to boost the health of your mind, body, and spirit. The great thing about energy healing is that it begins with self-healing—you can’t heal others without that healing energy going through you on it’s way to them! Healing yourself leads to expanded consciousness, which leads to more healing and more positivity, which leads to even higher levels of awareness, which leads to even more light in your soul and in your life. And it all begins with self-healing.

Here are five ways you can practice healing yourself so the light inside of you can grow:

1. Meditate.

I really emphasize meditation in all my workshops and healing courses for a very good reason: it is the number one thing you can do to increase your awareness and expand your consciousness. Meditation has too many benefits to list here, but just to name a few: it reduces stress, brings an amazing sense of calm and clarity, and can clear and charge your energy field and chakras.

Meditation also allows you to tap into information from higher planes and your Higher Self that can help guide you toward your true life purpose. When you are making decisions that are in line with what your soul planned for this lifetime, you are living in the light. Trust me, I know. As soon as I found energy healing and teaching, I knew it was what I was meant to do and I haven’t “worked” a day since. Truly, when you are doing what you came here to do, your work won’t feel like work.

2. Call on your guides.

You have spirit guides available to you at all times. Animal guides, ancestral guides, healing guides, angels, and more are always willing to help you in times of need. You just have to ask! Different guides are useful in different situations, and identifying which guide can help you with what is something that will become easier with practice. Your spirit guides come from a non-physical realm—they are directly connected to the light—so just asking them to make contact with you opens yourself up to more light. Angels are even made from radiant, heavenly light! All guides will help illuminate your spiritual path if you are open to their guidance.

3. Release negative emotions.

Suppressed emotions can really do damage to your energy field. Many who are walking the path of light still have not fully processed feelings from childhood or other past events, and those feelings that were not dealt with at the time have gotten stuck in their chakras, creating a crimp in the energy flow of their field. There are several techniques I teach in my energy healing courses that can help you begin to release those emotions from your body and field, leaving room for fresh loving energy from the universal field to take its place. Processing and releasing your emotions removes the dark to make room for the light.

4. Reconnect with nature.

The sun and moon are both sources of powerful celestial light that can cleanse and charge your chakras and energy field and naturally lift your mood. Take a stroll in the golden light of early morning and listen to the birds sing, or go moon “bathing” by letting your skin soak up the moonlight on a warm summer night. Eat outside, lie in the grass, meditate with your back against a tree trunk, or sleep under the stars. Any activity that gets you outside and connecting with nature will help ground you to Mother Earth, which provides the solid base you need for your inner light to grow.

5. Practice self-love.

Responding to the world with a loving attitude is not always easy, but it is nearly impossible if you don’t first love yourself. As you have probably learned through energy healing, what you hold inside of you colors the way you see the world. So if you are angry or sad, the world seems that way, too. But if you are full of love and joy, you can see the love and joy in the world, even in the darkest places, and that light will always shine for you. Love yourself, and it will go a long way in allowing you to live fully in love and light each day you walk this earth, and beyond.



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Deborah  King
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