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7 Techniques for Archangel Ascension

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7 Techniques for Archangel Ascension

Diana Cooper shares tips to accelerate your personal ascension
Diana Cooper
Diana Cooper More by this author
Feb 16, 2015 at 07:45 AM

Both Tim Whild and I work closely with Archangel Metatron, so when that Illumined golden orange Being impressed on us to write a book together offering 55 steps to ascension with the Archangels, I was very excited.

He asked that the steps be presented in order to take you on a journey into the higher energies that have been flooding in since 2012. Archangel Metatron is responsible for spearheading the ascension process here on Earth as we move from a third to a fifth dimensional planet. He has decreed that all sentient beings must be fifth dimensional in readiness for the new Golden Age. Nature is now vibrating at this elevated frequency. It is time for humanity to follow suit.

Here are some very simple and effective techniques from The Archangel Guide to Ascension that will enable you to accelerate your personal ascension and transform your life.

1. Connect to Archangel Metatron’s light to fast track your personal ascension.  Ask him to give you a four body system ascension boost.  This will run a light current through your body that will instigate an ascension process within you. Ask for 81% of light.

2. Call in the Fire Dragons who will burn up lower frequencies around you.  You can also invoke the new fifth dimensional golden dragons to support and protect your ascension.

3. Ask Archangel Metatron to run his high frequency golden orange light through your twelve chakras. Do this daily.

4. Ask Archangel Chamuel to touch, light up and fully activate the 33 petals of your heart until you hold a pure white rose in your heart chakra. Now you can connect through Venus to the 9th dimensional aspect of the Cosmic Heart to bring in higher love.  

5. Think about a unicorn and this will align you to these glorious beings and the higher spiritual realms to develop the soul qualities you need for your ascension journey.

6. The qualities of acceptance, harmlessness and forgiveness are a basic requirement for the ascension process. Ask the relevant Archangels to place these qualities into your seven third dimensional chakras, as follows.  ‘Please place the fifth dimensional template of this chakra into place, blazing with the qualities of acceptance, harmlessness and forgiveness.’

Archangel Jophiel into your crown

Archangel Raphael into your third eye,

Archangel Michael into your throat

Archangel Chamuel into your heart

Archangel Uriel into your solar plexus

Archangel Gabriel into your sacral

Archangel Gabriel into your base.

Pause after each invocation to sense the chakra light up with these ascension energies.

7. The golden white Mahatma energy is a pool to which many great beings contributed during the golden era of Atlantis. After the fall it was cut off so that we could only access a trickle. Since 2012 is has flooded in at a much higher frequency and you can use it to light up your 12 chakras, re-form your connections to your fifth dimensional brain and build your crystalline body. 

Use these simple steps as often as you can and you will fly on your ascension path.

Editor's note: Diana Cooper will be running a live online event entitled Prepare for Asension with the Archangels which starts on October 13, 2015. Book your place hereThe Archangel Guide to Ascension by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild is out now.

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