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7 Ways To Supercharge Your Chakra Energy

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7 Ways To Supercharge Your Chakra Energy

Reach Your Spiritual Potential With Deborah King
Deborah  King
Deborah King More by this author
Jan 27, 2016 at 02:30 PM

Energy! We love it, we need it. The energy within us powers our lives, a gift from the divine Source of all creation. How you feel each day, your health and well being, depends on an optimum level of physical and spiritual energy. Without the healthy flow of energy through your body’s chakra energy centers, you might feel empty, depressed, and powerless-- as if someone just pulled the plug on all of your hopes and dreams. If something is blocking your chakra energy, it’s a power outage that doesn’t feel good, but one that you can take steps to clear. The power is within you, so let’s get it flowing again!

From bottom to top—from the first energy center or root chakra located at the base of the spine up through the seventh energy center or crown chakra located at the top of the head—you embody a complex energy system that receives energy from the world and sends out energy in what is intended to be a healthy in-and-out cycle. When clear and balanced, the energy centers in the body are spinning vortices that preserve good health. Over time, however, life experiences, emotional upsets, and trauma of any kind can shock and impair the smooth flow of these energy systems. 

What can you do to clear and maintain healthy and balanced chakras? As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I recommend these 7 easy steps to help balance and recharge your chakras:

1. Get Back to the Earth. Taking a walk in the beauty of nature, actually touching the ground with your bare feet if you can, brings you back to the foundation of your being. Grounding yourself will give you the experience of being present and being safe and will automatically strengthen your first chakra.
2. Immerse Yourself in Healing Water. Bathing in the ocean or a bath of sea salt and baking soda strengthens your second chakra. This sexual chakra governs how you experience pleasure and can be become clouded with issues of guilt and shame.  Imagine all guilt and shame dissolving in the water as it restores you to the purity of your true nature.
3. Move Your Body. You can balance your third or solar plexus chakra through physical movement, especially outside in the sun in the early morning or before sunset. Physical activities such as T’ai Chi, Yoga, or Pilates awaken and recharge this energy center of self-esteem, will power, and personal power.
4. Give and Receive Unconditional Love. Your fourth chakra, or heart chakra, is the center of compassion that will benefit from experiencing unlimited, unconditional love for your self, all beings, and the world. Giving and receiving love with a pet is one of the best ways to boost your heart chakra, and luckily, opportunities to love and benefit animals are boundless!
5. Express Your Truth. The fifth or throat chakra is about speaking your truth and expressing the real you. Writing in your journal with total honesty is a major part of energy medicine and can help clear and charge your fifth chakra. Use your voice to write, sing, read aloud, and communicate what you feel.
6. Use Your “Inner” Vision. The sixth chakra or third eye is where your higher intellect and clarity of vision reside. Daily meditation, another essential part of energy healing, helps to awaken this chakra and lets you increase your inner wisdom and intuition.  You can boost this chakra by working to rid yourself of mental clutter so you can “see” more clearly.
7. Open Your Connection to Spirit. Your seventh or crown chakra connects you to spirit, your higher power, and the universe.  It lights up your consciousness. As with the sixth chakra, meditation is a powerful tool for boosting this chakra. Prayer and communion with nature also assist in clearing and charging the seventh chakra. You can ask your higher power for guidance and visualize positive and peaceful outcomes for yourself and the world.

As you do the inner work of clearing and balancing your chakras, you will feel better and allow vital energy to move freely throughout your interconnected chakra system. Together, your chakras govern all areas of your life, including your spiritual progress. When you are in balance, your whole being is lighter, freer, healthier, and happier. Power up! 

Discover more about supercharging your chakras in Secrets of Chakra Wisdom. The chakras hold the key to healing past traumas, building lasting relationships, breaking through financial blockages, unleashing creativity and achieving your goals on an abundant and energetic level.

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Deborah  King
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