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9 Characteristics Of Fairies

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9 Characteristics Of Fairies

Doreen Virtue Shares Traits Of Incarnated Elementals
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Jul 05, 2016 at 03:30 PM

One of the easiest groups to recognize among the Earth Angel realms is the Incarnated Elementals. Just as Incarnated Angels have angelic faces, Incarnated Elementals also physically resemble their namesakes—that is, fairies, elves, pixies, gnomes, incarnated animals, and unicorns. And in addition to the guardian angels that we all have, this group has fairies as their protective spirits.

Are you an Earth Angel? If so, learning about your spiritual realm-of-origin will help you understand more about your personality, behavior, and individual quirks.

Very often, members of this group have reddish hair (whether it’s full-on red, auburn, or strawberry blonde); and a Celtic heritage or appearance, such as a ruddy complexion or freckles. The exception is the Flower Fairies, who usually have silky, straight hair, either black or dark brown . . . and sometimes blond.

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You’re probably an Incarnated Elemental if you:

• Care deeply about the environment
• Would prefer the company of animals instead of humans
• Get extremely angry at people who are abusive to animals or the environment
• Have a history of excessive partying or addictions
• Have a great sense of humor and are talented at storytelling
• Are a born entertainer
• Never met a rule that you couldn’t break
• Love practical jokes
• Rarely feel guilty

Incarnated Elementals sometimes get themselves into trouble with their wacky sense of humor. Their jokes may be ill timed, offensive, off-color, or just plain inappropriate. But one of the Incarnated Elementals’ missions is to get the world to lighten up, smile, and laugh—even at their own expense.

In the spiritual Elemental kingdom, the fairies, elves, and others hold nightly parties filled with dancing, singing, storytelling, and laughter. They know the spiritual value of playfulness and joy! Not surprisingly, their human counterparts also know how to enjoy themselves. Incarnated Elementals often become professional entertainers, including comedians, actors, dancers, and musicians. Some examples are comedians Carol Burnett, Ellen DeGeneres, Eddie Murphy, and Red Skelton; actress Julia Roberts; and socialite Paris Hilton.

The spiritual Elementals know how to manifest all of their needs. This is one reason why they approach their tasks, like tending to flowers, with playful joy. The Elementals know that hard work isn’t a necessity in order to create meaningful results—intention and sincerity are more important.

Incarnated Elementals often eschew hard work, and may be perceived as slackers who favor relaxing instead of working. They unconsciously recall lifetimes in the spiritual Elemental kingdom where they could manifest material resources (food, clothing, gold, housing, and so on) out of thin air. 

As a result, many Incarnated Elementals feel off-center in the workaday world of human beings,and they begin to manifest poverty for themselves. Incarnated Elementals seem to either create feast or famine, rich or poor. Incarnated Elementals achieve financial security when they’re consciously working a process of manifestation, such as the one outlined in John Randolph Price’s The Abundance Book or my Angels of Abundance book. Then the magic begins! Elementals have magical manifestation abilities. When harnessed, these abilities can bend time and physical laws, and create rapid manifestations and miracles.

Incarnated Elementals have fairies, elves, or leprechauns with them as spirit guides in addition to the guardian angels everyone has. Incarnated Elementals can call upon these benevolent helpers at any time by thinking the thought, Please help me!

Incarnated Elementals are truly people of the earth and her spirit. They have great difficulty being indoors for long. While Incarnated Angels are comfortable working in large windowless buildings, it would be devastating to an Incarnated Elemental. They must be outside in nature or they become depressed. The happiest Elementals are those who have outdoor jobs, such as leading nature hikes or retreats; working at plant nurseries; or working as forest rangers, landscapers, or dog trainers, for example.

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