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9 Ways To Reset Your Happy Dial

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9 Ways To Reset Your Happy Dial

How To Reclaim Your Joy Today
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Apr 02, 2016 at 09:30 AM

As I explain in my book, Adventures of the Soul, Journeys Through the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions, being joyful is an essential component of a spiritual life. When I conduct seminars, humor and joy are vital parts of my authentic self. Joy is our natural state of being, but living in this limited physical dimension bogs us down. It is natural and normal that we live happy and full lives.

Here are some tips for how to be happier and reclaim your joy now:

1. Set Your Intention
Having a clear, positive intention for your day is the easiest way to raise your vibration. Make sure that your intention is clear, but don’t feel guilty if you don’t manifest it.

2. Be Steadfast
Joy needs to be embraced on a daily basis, so when you set your intention, be sure to follow through. Don’t let others influence you or talk you into what they think is the correct path. This life is too short not to be happy—only manifest those outcomes that will bring you joy.

3. Play Every Day
The big things in life demand so much of our time that we often forget about the little things that bring us joy. No matter what it is that you enjoy—reading, doing crossword puzzles, connecting with friends—be sure you carve out a section of your day to make yourself happy.

4. Assess Your Current Self
Check in with yourself several times a day and make sure you’re fine. Look objectively at your current emotions and see if a person or situation is making you anxious. What’s the best remedy for your uneasiness? You have the power to manifest the most satisfying result. You have the power to change the trajectory. A consequence is always the result of any action, and you have the ability to manifest the most joyful consequence possible.

5. Have an Attitude of Gratitude
Always attempt to foster an attitude of gratitude. Do your best not to dwell or focus on the things that you may not have, but instead, be grateful for the things you do have. Life always presents challenges; instead of looking upon them as obstacles, view them as experiences to learn and grow and ultimately succeed. Grief, hurt, and pain are physical tools that the soul can use as stepping-stones to enlightenment.

6. Hold On to Happy Thoughts
You’re human, and you possess human thoughts that can be critical and judgmental. Make an attempt to nip those thoughts in the bud and replace them with positive ones. Negative thoughts harm the recipient, and they harm you. When a critical thought pops into your head, immediately think of something that brings you joy or laughter, and use those emotions to revisit the critical thought. Remember that love is the natural energy of your soul; flow with it, instead of fighting it.

7. Take Care of Your Body
The soul can’t walk around and learn its lessons if we don’t become aware of the needs of our human shells. Do your best to eat the right foods and get enough rest and exercise daily.

8. Create Your Belief System
There is no right or wrong way to find your path to joy and love. We are all different, so the beliefs that guide our journeys are going to be different. There is a lot of spiritual wisdom in the world, and some of it will resonate with you and some won’t. Embrace the ideas that make you the best person you can be and allow you to treat others with kindness and respect. New insights will come onto your path every day; be willing to take them into your heart if they seem right for you, or give them back to the Universe if they don’t.

9. Let Go of What’s Weighing You Down
Every once in a while, we have to do a spring-cleaning of our lives. Look around at yours and see which situations, people, and limitations are holding you back from living your joy. If it’s a situation, examine it objectively and create a trajectory to bring it to a more joyful place. If it’s a person, you two might have to discuss the obstacles in your relationship that are troubling you. You are here on Earth to vibrate with the energy of love, and if something or someone is lowering that energy, it needs to be addressed.

You have the power right now to make the conscious effort to transform your life into one of love and joy. Your soul wants it for you, your loved ones want it for you, and Spirit wants it for you. Sure, there are going to be challenges, but if you look upon them as things you’ve chosen for yourself to conquer, instead of things done to you to make you miserable, it makes the experience much more tranquil.


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