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A Bulb for All Seasons

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A Bulb for All Seasons

Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Apr 04, 2012 at 02:30 AM 0 comments

Many of us think that bulbs only mean daffodils and tulips. But there are bulbs for all seasons. My favorites for spring and summer are tuberous begonias. They’re shade-loving plants that will even do well in the house. You can get upright plants or cascading ones for baskets. They can be small, single flowers or large, double-ruffled flowers. There’s a begonia for every taste. You can get them as bulbs now at the nursery. They come in packages with pictures of the bloom. Pick the colors and blooms that you like best.

Plant the tubers round-side down in soil with lots of peat moss. They like a rich soil, and the moss helps to keep the soil most. They’re grown in bright, indirect light. After all danger of frost has passed, you can move them outdoors to a partially shady spot. Water them well and they’ll give you an abundance of blossoms till fall. Then you can stop watering and let the bulbs dry until spring, where you can start the process all over again.

Let’s affirm: I am a beautiful flower that is blossoming more and more each day. I delight in my world, and my world delights in me.

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