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A Great Mystery Is Solved!

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A Great Mystery Is Solved!

What’s shaking up the scientists?
Gregg  Braden
Gregg Braden More by this author
Dec 10, 2009 at 09:00 AM

Modern science is hot on the trail of solving one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Nearly 70 years of research in an area known as the “new physics” is pointing to a conclusion that we cannot escape.

The discovery: Everything in our world is connected to everything else. That’s the news that changes everything, and which is absolutely shaking the foundations of science, as we know it today. “OK,” you say. “We’ve heard this before. What makes this conclusion so different? What does it really mean to be so connected?” The difference between the new discoveries and what we previously believed is that in the past we were simply told that the connection exists. The new experiments, however, take us one step further. In addition to proving that we are connected to everything, research now proves that the connection exists because of us—specifically because of our consciousness. Our connectedness gives us the power to stack the deck in our favor when it comes to the way our lives play out. In everything from searching for romance and healing our loved ones, to the fulfillment of our deepest aspirations and the peace of our world, we are an integral part of all that we experience each day. That the discoveries show we can use our connection consciously opens the door to nothing less than our opportunity to tap the same power that drives the entire universe.

Through the connection that lives inside of you, me, and every human that walks the earth we have a direct line to the same force that creates everything from atoms and stars to the DNA of life!

There is one small catch, however. Our power to do so is dormant until we awaken it. The key to awakening such an awesome power is that we have to make a small shift in the way we see ourselves in the world. With a little shift in perception we can tap the most powerful force in the universe to address even seemingly impossible situations of life. It happens when we allow ourselves a new way of seeing our role in the universe. The “small shift” that we need is to see ourselves as part of the world rather than separate from the world. The way to convince ourselves that we are truly part of everything that we see and experience is to understand how we are connected, and what that connection means.

In laboratory experiments, particles have been documented to be in two places at the same time, to be connected even though they are separated by distances of many miles, to “heal” themselves and even travel in time! Historically, such phenomena were believed impossible. But apparently they are not only possible, they also may be showing us something more than the interesting anomalies of small particles. The freedom of movement that the quantum particles demonstrate may reveal how the rest of the universe works when we look beyond what we know of physics.

While these results may sound like the script of a futuristic Star Trek episode, they are being observed now, under the scrutiny of present-day scientists. They suggest that we may not be as limited by the laws of physics as we believe. Maybe things can travel faster than the speed of light, and maybe they can be in two places at once! And if things can, what about us?

These are precisely the possibilities that excite today’s innovators and stir our own imaginations. It is the coupling of the imagination—the idea of something that could be possible—with an emotion that gives life to a possibility, so it becomes a reality. Manifestation all begins with the willingness to make room in our beliefs for something that does not exist. We create that “something” through the power of consciousness and awareness.

For the imaginary ideas of one moment in time to become the reality of another there must be something that links them together. Somehow in the fabric of the universe there must be a connection between past imaginings and present and future realities. Einstein firmly believed that the past and the future are somehow intimately entwined as the stuff of the fourth dimension, a reality that he called space-time. “The distinction between past, present, and future” he said, “is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

The implications of these relationships are huge. In a world where an intelligent field of energy connects everything from global peace to personal healing, what may have sounded like fantasy and miracles in the past suddenly becomes possible in our lives.

With these connections in mind, we must begin to think of the way we relate to life from a powerful new perspective. Good, bad, right, or wrong, everything from the most beautiful life experiences to the most horrible occasions of human suffering can no longer be written off as chance happenings. Clearly, the key to healing, peace, abundance, and the creation of experiences, careers, and relationships that bring us joy is to understand just how deeply we are connected to everything in our reality.

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