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A Heavenly Way To Fix Your Relationship Problems

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A Heavenly Way To Fix Your Relationship Problems

Healing Relationships with Angelic Assistance
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
May 29, 2014 at 05:00 AM

As a former psychotherapist, I’ve studied relationships for decades. Although many types of therapy geared toward this area are highly effective, I’ve found that the angels’ work in this area far exceeds what humans can do when it comes to manifesting and healing relationships. So whether it’s a romantic, familial, parent-child, or friendship relationship that needs healing, you’re very wise to work in partnership with the angels.

Improve Your Love Life

The angels can help you with romance, whether you’re in a committed relationship or single. If you’re looking for your soul mate, the “romance angels” can help you find your special someone. A powerful method for invoking the angels’ help is to find a quiet location where you won’t be interrupted, and write a letter that starts like this: “Dear Guardian Angels of My Soul Mate,” Then, pour out your heart to these angels in the body of the letter. It doesn’t matter whether you know who your soul mate is, because the angels do. Then conclude the letter by saying something like: “I know  that my soul mate is looking for me with the same fervor as I am looking for him/her. Thank you for guiding us to meet, love, and experience a joyful and harmonious relationship based upon mutual respect, integrity, shared interests, and passionate romance." The romance angels can also infuse new passion into existing relationships. Ask them to help you and your partner recover your playful side, which is an important ingredient of romance. The angels say that many couples become overly focused on work and responsibilities, and they need to make time for playful and loving interactions. The romance angels can help you find time for this important endeavor, and also give you the energy to carry through. Watch the video below for angel affirmations for romantic love and healing relationships.

Relationships with Friends

Our relationships sometimes change when we commit to a spiritual path, which includes working with the angels. If you have a friendship that began when you were focused on the material world, you may feel yourself pulling away from that friend as your focus becomes more spirit-centered. For one thing, your interests may grow apart. For another, the Law of Attraction says that we’re attracted to people who are on the same wavelength as we are. So, someone who’s focused on love and peace won’t be attracted to someone whose focus is fear. Ask your angels to help you through these shifts and changes in your relationships. Ask them to bring peaceful resolutions to any relationships that are ending. The angels can also bring you wonderful new friends, if you’ll simply ask. 

Relationships with Family Members

In the same way, your family interactions may change as you become more spiritually focused. If you come from a more traditional family, they may at first worry about your spirituality. Don’t try to convince or convert anyone to your new way of thinking. The best way to handle this sort of situation is to be peaceful and happy. In that way, you’re a walking advertisement for the benefits of living on the spiritual path. As people notice your peacefulness, they’ll soon ask you about the secret to your happiness. The angels guide us to release resentment and anger as an avenue to peace. Most of us have experienced pain in our relationships with family, friends, and lovers. The angels ensure that this pain doesn’t ruin our present and future health and happiness. If someone has performed an action that you feel is unforgivable, the angels won’t ask you to change your mind and say,  “What they did is okay.” Instead, the angels want you to release the poisonous anger within your mind and body. When we hold resentment, we attract similar relationships and situations to us.

Releasing Resentment

If you’re tired of unhealthy relationship patterns, the likely culprit is unforgiveness toward a family member. The word forgiveness is a synonym for “releasing toxins,” and replacing them with health and peace. The angels can help you with this, if you’ll ask. One effective way to release emotional toxins is to call upon Archangels Michael and Jeremiel as you’re falling asleep. That’s because when you’re sleeping, you’re more open to angelic intervention. When you’re awake, your ego’s fear can block the angels’ help.

Say to the archangels, either silently or aloud: “I ask that you clear away any old anger, pain, resentment, judgments, bitterness, or unforgiveness from my mind, body, and emotions. I am willing to exchange pain for peace. I now release to you anything that may be blocking my awareness of peace, especially within my relationships.” When you awaken, you’ll notice a positive shift. It doesn’t matter whether you recall your dream interactions with the archangels or not, as their work is on the unconscious level. The angels can clear old issues with people who are living or deceased. These healings don’t mean that you have to reignite a relationship with the person. The intention is to clear the path for you to feel love, peace, and harmony in all areas of your life.

Relationship Healing with the Angels

You can heal misunderstandings by talking to the other person’s guardian angels as well. Although the angels can’t violate anyone’s free will, they will intervene into any situation that’s affecting your peace—including relationship woes. In these situations, close your eyes and center yourself through breath. Then, hold the intention of talking with the other person’s guardian angels. You can’t make a mistake and do this incorrectly, as the intention is more important han the method you use. Then, pour out your heart (either silently, in a letter, or aloud) to that person’s angels. Tell them about your fears, anger, disappointments, and desires. Next, ask the angels to bring about peace in the relationship. Don’t tell the angels how to do so, or you’ll slow or miss the answer to your prayer. Allow the infinite creative wisdom of God’s Divine Mind to come up with an ingenious solution that will delight everyone involved. To learn more about the angels and how to work with them, see my book, Angels 101.


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