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A Key Message I Learned After 3 Decades Of Talking To The Dead

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A Key Message I Learned After 3 Decades Of Talking To The Dead

5 Keys to Unlock The Very Best You
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Jan 19, 2017 at 03:00 PM

Every day – every moment – is a chance for a fresh start, but if you’re like me this is the time of year where you find yourself taking stock and resolving to be a happier, healthier and more enlightened person in the days ahead.

If you’re stuck in a pattern of setting the same goals year after year, starting off with enthusiasm then falling back on your old ways, maybe it’s not a lack of willpower or discipline that’s your problem. Simple shifts in the way you approach change can be the secret to permanent, positive growth.

These 5 keys will help unlock the very best YOU!

1) Let your soul be your compass

The best resolutions come from inside you, not from other people. When you make the choice to live in harmony with your own desires, you experience less conflict, anxiety and depression. Be mindful when setting goals – try sitting quietly, silencing all the external “shoulds,” judgment and self-doubt so that you can hear the wisdom of your own inner voice.

2) Be the change you want to see in yourself

Once you’ve decided what you want, imagine you already have achieved it. Your thoughts and words have power – so make sure that your self-talk reinforces who you want to be. In the corporate world, a common piece of advice is to dress for the position you aspire to. When setting personal goals, my advice is  “think like the person you want to be - then act accordingly.” 

3) Align yourself with positive role models

Regardless of your goal, be it eating healthy and exercising or making a career change - taking cues from someone who is successful in that area is a great first step. Role models can be people you know personally, but you might also seek inspiration from authors, teachers and public figures.  If your goal is of a spiritual nature, check out the amazing lineup who will be speaking at Hay House Live in April - you’re sure to find someone to inspire you! 

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4) Eliminate what no longer serves you

Clear out old habits, behaviors, and patterns of thinking to reveal your true path!  January is the perfect month to let go and de-clutter your life to make room for the new. What negative habits are you done with?  What patterns of thinking do you wish to stop? The new year is a fresh slate, and you can choose to keep only what aligns with your new vision. Ask yourself – what beliefs, activities or people are standing in the way of my success?

5) Celebrate the good in your life

Gratitude is often left out of the process of goal setting. However, when you are evaluating your life, gratitude is a key component. We all have something to be thankful for, and taking the time to acknowledge it will not only make the road ahead less daunting, but will attract more good things into your life!

What I’ve learned from 3 decades of talking to the dead

When I connect with the Spirit realm, one message comes through again and again. “Your time on earth is short – so make the most of it! Take accountability for yourself and your actions. Acknowledge the things that you do well and examine the areas of your life that you need to improve.  Open yourself up to the voice of your soul and allow your intuition to guide you.” If you need some help getting started – my newly updated JVP School of Mystical Arts has everything you need to tap into your intuition, enhance your connection with Spirit and live a mindful life in harmony with your soul.




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