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A Letter to Louise Hay

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A Letter to Louise Hay

Hay House
Jan 13, 2011 at 06:30 PM 0 comments

“The answers are within you.”

— Louise L. Hay


Our beloved founder Louise Hay is an amazing woman. No, amazing isn’t a strong enough word to describe her. I’m not sure there is just one word. Louise is unconditionally compassionate, abundantly kind, and lovingly supportive. She’s wise, witty and sharp. She’s resilient, creative, and inquisitive. She’s classy, elegant and awe-inspiring. She’s like a friend who will always stand by you and like a favorite relative or companion who will always comfort you.

Louise loves saying affirmations every day as soon as she wakes up. She loves a good story and good, healthy foods. She loves the challenge of a new electronic gadget like her iPad. She loves spending time and celebrating life with her friends and fellow authors. She loves gardening and watching new things grow. She loves watching new ideas come to fruition. And she loves letters—receiving them and writing them.

Louise lights up when she receives her mail. Sometimes she may write an affirmation for you. Or she may walk to her bookshelf and see if there is an affirmation card or book that she can send to help you with your problem or inspire you toward a goal.  

This month, we are releasing a new updated version of her book, Letters to Louise. This is a collection of letters that Louise has received over the years from people all over the world. Some of you may even remember reading some of these from her syndicated column, “Dear Louise,” in many of your favorite inspirational magazines and newspapers.

When you read these letters, you’ll feel her compassion firsthand. Maybe there’s one that you wrote to Louise back in the day. Maybe there’s one that offers you comfort for a current problem you’re facing. Maybe there’s one with a message just for you.

Rather than excerpt a segment of a letter to Louise, I’d like to end, instead, with a letter for Louise, in gratitude for the thousands of letters she filled with her love and her wisdom to help heal our lives.

Dear Louise,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

Thank you for caring for us when we thought we were alone.

Thank you for shining a light on a dark spot in our lives.

Thank you for helping us to believe we are special.

Thank you for believing in our dreams.

Thank you for showing us the power within.

Thank you for teaching us how to live a glorious life.

With love from all of us.

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