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A Little Known Way To Be Happy

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A Little Known Way To Be Happy

How Open Is Your Heart?
Michael  Neill
Michael Neill More by this author
Feb 12, 2015 at 10:45 AM

A potential client named Richard came to my office and asked me if I could help him. “I see people all around me who are happy and it seems so unfair,” he began. “I’m not a bad person. I always try to do my best. Don’t I deserve a bit of happiness in my life too?”
To my dismay, I felt myself starting to crack up. I tried to stifle the laughter because I knew it was horribly inappropriate, but I wound up snorting instead. Richard briefly took offense, but I caught my breath, regained my bearings, and, as gently as I could, pointed out the essential humor in his request.
It was as though someone had come to me saying, ‘Can you help me? I see people all around me with noses and it seems so unfair. I’m not a bad person.
Don’t I deserve to have a nose on my face too?’

As we spoke further, Richard and I explored some of the other things he thought he needed to practice in order to have.

“I’d like to open my heart more,” he said. “Is there something I could do to get better at opening my heart?”

At that moment, my then five-year-old daughter Maisy ran into my office, asking whether she could go outside to catch some fairies.
I said yes (after all, I’m not an ogre), and then returned to my conversation with Richard.
“Do you think Maisy needs to practice keeping her heart open?” I asked him.
“Well, no, but she’s just a child. She hasn’t learned to close her heart yet.”

We left those words sitting in the silence for some moments, which I finally broke with this quote from Arnold Patent in his book Money: “We don’t create abundance. Abundance is always present. We create limitation.”
We don’t need to create abundance, because abundance is already there. We don’t need to create love, or well-being, or happiness, because love, well-being, and happiness are part of our essential nature. We don’t need to learn to open our heart or connect with others, because that’s just what happens when we don’t stop it from happening.

Do you need to practice not stepping on the accelerator of your car if you’d like to slow down? Not really – because as soon as you notice that you’re the one stepping on the accelerator, you can stop any time you like.
Similarly, the moment you actually notice you’re closing down your heart or cutting off your good feelings for another person (because, after all, they left their socks on the floor, or didn’t say ‘thank you,’ or ran into your office when you were with a client), you’ll probably just stop, because you have an innate common sense that tells you that if you keep shooting yourself in the foot, you might want to put down the gun before you go in for toe surgery.

The return to this “original grace” of life is always available to us, and takes no particular effort to attain because it is in fact a return to our natural way of being.


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Michael  Neill
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