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A Parallel Universe?

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A Parallel Universe?

Past-life events, future-life potentials.
Sandra Anne Taylor
Sandra Anne Taylor More by this author
Oct 03, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Moving from the ancient world to modern physics, it’s becoming quite clear that the more we know, the more we realize how much we have yet to discover. The fact that the Universe is largely made up of unknown energy and unknown matter (called dark space and dark matter) is an indication of how very much we have yet to learn. It’s wise, then, to keep an open mind while investigating our human connection to this vast energetic world.

One of the more recent items on the quantum physics menu is a concept known as M-theory, which states that the universe exists in 11 dimensions, with the 11th dimension being home to an untold number of parallel universes. These exist on vibrating membranes, sheets that can connect and intersect. It’s possible, then, to imagine past-life events and future-life potentials on these neighboring membranes, with unlimited amounts of information stored there.

These membranes are the homes of entire universes, mysterious realms that some scientists say are no farther away than the length of our eyelashes! And although they can’t be seen—or perhaps even sensed in truly conscious and present ways—they hold worlds of reality in an unknown dimension.

So what does this mean in terms of our own experience? Well, for one thing, it means that what seems to be clear, true, and predictable may not be at all. Reality isn’t limited to what our physical senses can recognize and define. There are unlimited potential events that we may not even be conscious of, yet it’s possible that we could become aware of these alternate realities. Because of the strange and malleable nature of time, it may be entirely possible to glimpse past or future events located on other membranes.

In this scenario, our consciousness might be able to jump from one membrane to another, just to return again to the present vibration and experience. It would be the human equivalent of the quantum leap. Although in recent years this term has been used as a metaphor for many different types of shifting and transformation, it was originally used to describe the random jumping of an electron from one orbit around the nucleus of an atom to another orbit. This is an apt metaphor, for it’s entirely possible for our consciousness to visit other times and perhaps even other realms and return with a memory of those events.

For the most part, our awareness revolves in the orbit of our present incarnation. But we may be able to jump to the path of another life, gather information there, and bring it back to examine its relevance and importance in our present experience. Such an exploration can make a great deal of difference in the events and emotions of this life. In fact, clearing up karmic influences can change everything!

Some people argue that the expanding population is proof that karma and reincarnation can’t be true. How can so many souls exist now when so few existed in the past? We have to realize that this isn’t the only realm where spirits spend their time. New ones are always entering from other planes of existence. Also, many people believe that as souls develop, they may choose to split into more than one identity so that they can experience more and get much more done. This may sound strange, but in terms of our eternal power, nothing is impossible.

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