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A Powerful Visualization Exercise For Abundance

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A Powerful Visualization Exercise For Abundance

Doreen Virtue Shares A Technique For Manifesting
Doreen Virtue
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Mar 22, 2016 at 12:15 PM

The Angels of Abundance have a mission to bring peace to the world by eliminating stress about lack and limitations. These angels support our purpose by assisting us in visualizing our desires. 

Visualization is a remarkably simple thing to explain and practice. While visualization can be made into something complicated and unapproachable, we can assure you that it is, most likely, something you’re already doing.

The Magic of Imagination

We were all born with the magic of imagination; some of us have just forgotten how to use it. 

Consider the fact that children seem to have remarkable imaginations in comparison to adults. Is this because we gradually became enthralled by the “real world”? Or could we have forgotten, bit by bit, that our world is not the only “real” one in existence?

Visualization is simply a method of calling up a picture in your mind. Yes, it’s that simple. 

Exercise 1:

Picture what you had for breakfast this morning in as much detail as you can manage. Visualize the dishes you used and the utensils you ate with. Imagine the texture, flavor, and smell of the food. Can you really see that meal in your mind? Is it so real you can almost taste it?

Congratulations! That is visualization. 

Don’t fret if you didn’t manage to visualize very much detail with that exercise. This technique requires practice to perfect it. Practicing may take some work, but consider this to be training for your new job: that of manifesting your desires—not only at times when you find yourself wanting or needing something in particular, but every minute of every day. In truth, you’re nearly always visualizing and manifesting, and you always have been.

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Like any other skill, you can train yourself to improve your visualization abilities. One method to hone your skills is to stare at an object and then close your eyes and mentally picture it. Open your eyes and look at the object again, and then close them in succession until your inner vision matches your physical vision of the object. The more details you can mentally see, the better.

Please don’t protest that you’re “just not visual,” because that’s not true. Everyone has inherent visualization capabilities. In fact, the best way to become more polished with your visions is to affirm often, “I am very visual.” Always affirm what you desire instead of complaining about what you don’t seem to have. Affirmations attract, while complaints push your good away from you.

If, for any reason, you weren’t happy with the level of detail in your visualization—or your ability to envision the mental picture you were trying to achieve—the time to work on this concern is now. This is one technique you’ll want to have down pat before you proceed.

You can practice this technique almost anywhere. Sure, visualizing while driving could be quite dangerous, but you can definitely try it during your lunch hour. You can engage in visualization practice while you’re on hold on the telephone or watching television. You can also practice while you’re lying in bed at night; it can even be quite relaxing and conducive to sleep.

The reason we encourage you to practice your visualization so often is simple: If you’re happy with the amount of detail you’re getting, then it makes the technique that much easier for you. You don’t want to be distracted by wishing that you were a better visualizer. 

In addition, the quality of the visualization really does have a lot to do with how well you manifest. Certainly, when you’re trying to manifest highly specific things, you’ll want a lot of detail. After all, if you know that you want a ’58 Chevrolet Corvette, as opposed to a ’57, your picture must be a lot more specific than most people’s.

Likewise, if you’re manifesting a dream home or career, you need to achieve as specific a picture in your mind as possible.

Sometimes our sights are set lower than Heaven’s desires for us. Just like any loving parent, your Creator desires the best for you and everyone. We love this prayer, which eliminates the worry about asking for the “wrong” thing:

“This, or something better, God.

Visualize with your feeling senses! In addition to seeing yourself as abundant, feel that sense in your body, too. Imagine the feeling of being completely secure. Focus upon that and ask Heaven to help you always feel that way.

Remember that all prayers are answered, including your prayer to be safe and secure.

Tools of Visualization

Some people find the use of physical images to be immensely helpful. If you’re a particularly visual person, you may find it useful to obtain a corkboard from your local office-supply store and tack up pictures of the things you’re trying to manifest. Or you can create a “dream board” from a sheet of poster board, on which you glue images and words representing your desires.

Download my free Vision Board App for your device here.

1) They help you remember what they look like with a great deal of accuracy 
2) They remind you to remain focused on what you desire.

When it comes to visualizing and manifestation, the best thing you can do is home in on something like a laser beam.

While you’re visualizing what you desire or need, you’re in the process of manifestation. It really can be that simple and effortless. The more you focus, the more you can fine-tune exactly what will come to you in your life. When we’re talking about that tricky subject called luck, we’re really speaking of manifestation.

Does this mean you’ll win the lottery if you manifest it? Maybe, but most likely not. Rather, we’re discussing what people typically chalk up to randomness—for example, when they receive an unexpected refund from their utility company in the mail.

Believe it or not, this is exactly the type of thing that typically happens to people when they start to manifest abundance. Some get anonymous checks in the mail, or perhaps a gift from a long-lost relative, but the credit is applied all the same. Perhaps they get hired for a small side job at precisely the time when they need a bit of extra money

Since this abundance is nothing more than a gift from the universe, the actual amount isn’t limited in any real way.

The power of visualization is limited only by the belief of the person using the tool. If you can see something happening, it can happen.

If you’d like to finally be free of the worry habit, and feel safe, secure, and comfortable, my new course will gently help you to replace fears with faith. Your life purpose is calling, and now you can finally have the time and energy to devote to the reason why you are here.





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