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A Real Love Story

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A Real Love Story

A Husband's Letter Of Gratitude
Walter  Green
Walter Green More by this author
Feb 10, 2015 at 02:00 PM

Over the course of one year, author Walter Green traveled throughout the world to visit 44 of the people who had significantly impacted his life. He didn’t want to just say “Thank you,” he wanted to tell these men and women how much they mattered to him before anyone’s health or life was compromised and the opportunity was missed. In his book, This is the Moment, you can read about each gracious conversation he experienced. Here, he gets to show his gratitude for the most influential person in his life—his wife Lola.

No matter how long you’ve been married, chances are your husband or wife is the most influential person in your life. If you’ve chosen to have kids together, your spouse is also the parent of your children. He or she helps create, nurture, and develop your sons and daughters, who will likely be your most important legacy. Getting married and having a family together are major road-changers, setting you on a path that will last a lifetime.
I so looked forward to having my conversation with Lola. I wanted it to be in an unforgettable place, so I waited until we were together in a safari camp in Kenya. I’d expressed so much gratitude to her over the years in birthday and anniversary cards, on special occasions, and in the many private moments we’d had that I wasn’t certain I’d be able to make this conversation one that was out of the ordinary. How wrong I was!

I began by asking myself one question: How has my wife influenced my life? I went on to write pages of notes to capture the many ways. Then, when it came time to share what I’d written, I could hardly hold back tears as I communicated these heartfelt emotions.
After recalling the most unusual way we met and the many memorable life experiences we’ve enjoyed together, this is what I expressed to my wife:

Lola, there is no one who’s influenced my life more than you; not even close. Ever since I met you, you’ve either initiated or enthusiastically supported everything that has been important in my personal and professional life.
During our first five years of marriage, you moved with me four times to three different states; you gave birth to our twin sons; and you supported me in five different jobs including the last one, a start-up business in a new industry that I invested our life savings in! And that was just the start. During the next 15 years, you carried the major responsibilities of parenthood, while I was consumed by building my company. No one could have been a more devoted and loving mother to our sons.
Over the years, you also set the standard for family celebrations, whether it was Thanksgiving holidays, surprise birthday parties, or get-togethers and reunions. To this day, people still talk about that unbelievable surprise weekend event for me that you spent nine months planning: bringing together my fraternity brothers for a 25-year reunion.

Your passion for travel—which took root when you lived in Europe during college was another major influence in my life. Over the last two decades, we’ve visited so many places around the world that our “bucket list” is now mostly about revisiting.
In each house that I was able to buy, you made a warm and charming home for our family, no matter how limited our resources were at the time. Each one was filled with pictures of family and friends, tokens from the lifetime of deposits our memory bank has received.
Your love of people inspired you to focus on connecting us with so many interesting and special individuals no matter where we lived, and all I had to do was show up.

It wasn’t just what you did, but how you did it. Your spontaneity and love of life were an incredibly vital counterpoint to my structured and disciplined approach to almost everything I do.
I could have only dreamed that I’d meet someone whom I could love so fully—your eyes, your voice, your inner and outer beauty. It may sound trite, but my dream did come true. No 24-year-old could have made a better choice in marrying, and no man could have been more blessed.
Your enthusiastic support of my yearlong victory lap is an extraordinary gift. Most important, I’m forever grateful for your lifetime of profound love and devotion.



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Walter  Green
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