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A Ritual To Call In Your Unicorns

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A Ritual To Call In Your Unicorns

Get In Touch With Your Unicorns Using This Simple Ceremony From Calista
Apr 06, 2018 at 01:45 AM

Religion, which was once our primary route into spirituality, is now falling away for many of us. Signs, symbols and synchronicities are now our touchstones for greater awareness and understanding. And what better emblem to reflect our divinity than the unicorn? Whether believed to be real or seen as an archetype of greater personal strength, unicorns are here – here to support us in creating a world where we can celebrate one another’s differences, yet know wholeheartedly that we are One.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with unicorns for the last decade, attuning people worldwide to their consciousness through the Unicorn Healing® modality I have created.

Despite their fluffy, mythical persona, unicorns are master luminaries who reflect the voice of our soul – that we’re the Creator incarnate, here to take consciousness to untold levels, and in the process, have fun, be free, stand strong and express ourselves without censure.

Unicorns can show us our ineffable nature, which can be as soft as a flower or as powerful as a storm, and offer us the keys to unlock our life from the inside out.

Believing in Unicorns

While a soul experiences life through a physical form, their consciousness can shift from the third to the fourth and fifth dimensions. The third (3D) is when a person focuses solely on their own personal desires (aka individual consciousness). The fourth (4D) is when they raise their perception beyond the physical horizon and become focused on service (group consciousness), and the fifth (5D) is when they embody their divinity and focus on deepening their relationship with Source (universal consciousness). And there’s a myriad of shades in between, all of which unicorns can guide us through.

Depending on our perspective, we’ll sense unicorns differently. Looking through a 3D lens, we may see them as part of the fabric of myth, representing perhaps a romanticized idea of the life we could be living. From a 4D vantage point, we may see them as an archetype for our soul and its creative potential, which may make itself known through unicorn signs in our environment, dreamtime and meditative practices. And with a 5D perspective, we may recognize/remember that unicorns are real and are part of our non-physical support team, as well as evolving Source beings themselves.

It doesn’t matter what ‘dimensional level’ you feel you’re experiencing now, only that you’re open to the possibility of there being more to unicorns than you already believe. Explore, experience and question. Discover who unicorns are to you. This will help you to be receptive to all they’re bringing you and to all that you can do to help each other on your evolutionary paths.

Calling in Your Unicorns

The call to your unicorns doesn’t need to be a long-winded prayer or invocation – a simple silent request is all that’s needed to receive their help.

Then relax and stay open to the many ways in which your guides will answer you: directly through telepathic and/or light-language communication, or indirectly through signs and symbols in your environment or through visitations in your meditations, healing practices and dreamtime.

Their insights may also come to you via another person, or a song you hear or even spontaneously compose. Listen and be receptive, for your unicorn guides are always with you and love you beyond measure.

As they gather to meet you:

◊ Ask yourself, ‘Do I have any resistance to meeting my unicorn guides? Do I feel worthy of experiencing their love?’

◊ Take a few minutes to witness the answers and feelings that arise.

◊ Decide to let go of everything that might limit your connection by affirming aloud:

‘Loving Source, please remove on all levels of being [the resistance/any limiting beliefs] to fully opening to the Light of unicorns and the Light of my soul. I release these now and reclaim my power, trusting I am worthy, supported and loved. Thank you. And so it is.’

◊ Surrender all limitations to Source, as well as any preconceptions about what unicorns are. Meet them with an open perspective so they can make an impression on you and so you can best enjoy each other’s loving company.

Bonus video: 'How Unicorns Can Help You To Rise' - by Calista:

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