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A Sacred Message

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A Sacred Message

Predictions and Answers for 2012.
Carmen  Harra
Carmen Harra More by this author
May 02, 2011 at 10:00 AM

healyourlife:  You were inspired to write your new book Wholeliness because of all the dreaded anticipation surrounding 2012.  What exactly is Wholeliness and how can it ease our fears?

CARMEN HARRA: Wholeliness is the antidote to the fear that’s crippling so many people at this time in human history. We all know that our systems are broken, but as individuals we don’t know what to do. We hear about 2012 being doomsday, and that feels real to us because we seem to be surrounded by upheaval and uncertainty. We begin to believe in the possibility of impending disaster. Everyone is asking, What can we do?

The answer is:  Embrace Wholeliness, the sacred unity that heals us and the planet.

In my book, I explain what sacred unity is and why we can use it to find the strength, courage, and support we need right now. If you are feeling powerless, isolated, and scared, help is on the way! It is Divine help and it’s extremely powerful and will show up so quickly, you’ll be shocked.

But you don’t have to wait. You can start tapping into that Divine force right now using three simple steps: Observe, Pray, and Act.

You observe the whole picture, not just what you see when you’re scared or angry—widen your perspective, and the fear starts to melt away. You start to discover your creativity and your power to effect real change.

You pray. We don’t pray enough. Praying reminds us of our connection to the Divine force of love and creativity. We actually feel calmer and have more faith during and after prayer. You don’t have to believe in God to pray. Just ask for the forces of love and the human spirit to come to you and give you strength. Your prayer will be answered because you are an important part of the Universe which offers us endless compassion.

You act. Action is crucial. We get stuck in fear and negative thoughts and then we start latching on to ideas such as 2012 being a big “destructive doomsday.” That’s just a projection of fear. That’s NOT going to happen. When you quiet your negative feelings and thoughts and act in loving and compassionate ways, you discover your true power.

HEALYOURLIFE: You mentioned in a recent interview that this year is one of unexpected surprises. Can you name one or two that we can prepare ourselves for?

CARMEN HARRA:  First, we’re going to see the gridlock in Washington. We’ll see the beginnings of two major changes: a total overhaul of our financial system and an overall reinvention of our governing system. We may even end up having two presidents, one to balance the other.

I see Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin running for President. If any independents run, such as Ron Paul, they won’t succeed. President Barack Obama will be challenged within the Democratic party. Hillary Clinton says she won’t run in 2012, but may have a change of heart this fall because of these events I’m describing.

Here’s the big news: Whoever takes the office as president, it won’t matter. The gridlock is too strong. Only a complete renovation of the government and financial systems will break it. And it’s the American people who will make that happen with the help of Divine intervention.

We’re also going to see the type of civil unrest and revolutions we’re seeing in the Middle East spread to Europe and elsewhere. Very similarly, this year we saw the huge tsunami and radiation leak in Japan at the same time as the Middle Eastern revolutions—next year we’ll see even more HUGE changes all over the globe, all at the same time. All these changes will awaken us to our broken systems everywhere and the fact that we have to change them, we have to work together and draw strength from our common humanity and our common goal.

Globally, tremendous underlying strife and anger comes to the surface, Mother Earth will calm down. The huge number of intense weather and earth events (such as the earthquakes in 2010) will taper off because we are bringing to the surface the hidden turbulence in our societies. In a way, natural disasters and the revolution of the people are meant to happen in synchronicity: one is meant to awaken us to the reality of the other, and vice versa.

HEALYOURLIFE:  Do you still coach some of today's celebrities? Do you have any predictions for any of them that you can share with us?

CARMEN HARRA: We’re fascinated by celebrities because of what they represent: the top of the top of society. We’re fascinated by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie because they are embracing the ideas of family, brotherhood, compassion, and unity. Yes, they’re beautiful and talented but it’s what they’re creating together, what they value, that makes them so fascinating to us. They will continue to stay together and create the life they want for themselves.

At the same time, we’re fascinated by Charlie Sheen. We see in him our own turmoil the imbalance and anger that’s in us and all around us. We see in him our own tendency to obsess about ourselves and our problems. While people are fascinated by him, they don't like what they see. They don’t want turmoil and narcissism. They are turning away from him because it’s too uncomfortable to see their own fear and imbalance reflected in him.

Celebrity Predictions:

  • Singer Justin Bieber will attract more attention. His birth code is a 9, which is a very spiritual number. This is why he’s so kind, generous, and compassionate. He understands what it is not to have enough and so he wants to be generous to others.
  • Jennifer Lopez has reached a stage of stability personally and professionally. In the past, she’s reinvented herself, but I see her at a plateau for a long time, which isn’t a bad thing because she’s happier and in a better place psychologically than she was a few years ago. I don't see big awards or successes.
  • Britney Spears’ life will be more stable, too. I see her having more children.
  • Reality Show Celebrities, like the real housewives of whatever place, offer us no insights further than superficiality, and merely distract us with gossip. I see these types of celebrities and shows fading in popularity.
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