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Four Traits of Your Higher Self
Jonathan  Ellerby Ph.D.
Jonathan Ellerby Ph.D. More by this author
Nov 10, 2011 at 09:00 AM

The amazing thing about the inner self is just how simple it is to access its power. It boils down to four things: clarity, integrity, courage, and compassion. To pursue these is to begin the path of inspired living and access your greatest vitality. Here are the four traits of an inspired life:


Clarity is about how well you manage your energy and intention. Stay focused and clear in your intent in every situation, whenever possible. Clarity is also about moving beyond confusion through understanding, communication, decision making, and the willingness to let go. You’ll almost always be better off by making a small bad choice rather than staying stuck in your own uncertainty and the bad choice you already know. A step in any direction will give you feedback. Remember that no movement means no feedback!


Living with integrity means that what you feel and know on the inside matches what you say and do on the outside. Integrity is alignment. It’s not about adhering to an external set of standards regarding morality or good behavior. This is a self-referenced, soul-centered quality. It also represents ownership and responsibility. Integrity means your intentions are reflected in your conduct and mind-set.


Courage is one of the more underrated and underemphasized qualities in the lives of those with Inspiration Deficit Disorder. More often than not, the main difference between a person with an inspiration deficit and someone without one is whether or not you have the courage to act on what you feel and know in your essence. Think of it in this way: integrity would remain just a good idea without courage.

Courage is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Trusting, releasing control, staying present, and being kind all take a powerful resolve in the face of old habits and patterns. Remember that fear is the most fundamental root behind all inspiration deficits. The soul cannot blossom or be fully expressed wherever fear is allowed to grow.


Compassion is something we all feel but have a difficult time expressing in words. Genuine compassion is about empowering ourselves and others while embodying kindness. It’s about seeking the highest good in every situation, but not always trying to make people happy or “fix” things.

Compassion is being creative, always approaching situations with respect and a desire to understand. By doing so, you can overcome obstacles or hardships through patience, forgiveness, and taking a stand when necessary. You can be steadfast when it comes to protecting yourself or your beliefs, while also honoring your connection to all people and things. Maintain balance, healthy limits, and self-care, as well as the awareness that helping from your Persona rather than your essence isn’t really helping at all. Remember that compassion is love in action—it’s big enough to overcome anything. Sometimes it requires radical action, and other times restraint. To truly embody it is to embrace self-love. Master that and the loving-kindness you offer to the world will be limitless.

The measure of a man or woman lies in the depth to which he or she can live these qualities. Gandhi was one of the greatest examples of someone who achieved this because he was a man of both peace and action. Some associate the qualities of the soul with weakness or passivity, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As you apply these principles in your life, you’ll experience greater peace and less stress. This isn’t just about being nicer to others; it’s about being good to yourself as well. You’ll feel empowered by your choices and more satisfied by the way you engage in situations. A soulful life is not a passive life, nor is it one of people pleasing or letting others take advantage of you. It’s quite the opposite.

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