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Act on Your Dreams

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Act on Your Dreams

Create the momentum you need.
Keith  Harrell
Keith Harrell More by this author
Dec 04, 2009 at 09:00 AM

Not many of us can recall all the laws of physics, but most of us remember these: A body in motion tends to stay in motion, and a body at rest tends to stay at rest. So a stationary body continues to have no action, but a moving body keeps going…could life really be that simple?

Yes, it can. Life can be put as simply as this: Do nothing, and nothing gets done; do something, and many things get set in motion. We can’t sit around expecting success to come to us—we have to break out of our inertia and take action to get what we want.

One of the best contemporary practitioners of the concept of “taking action” is a man named Nido Qubein. Nido left the Middle East and came to America as a teenager with just $50 in his pocket. Today he is the president and CEO of the Great Harvest Bread Company, owner of several other businesses, and a member of the board of directors for numerous charitable organizations. How did Nido accomplish so much? Well, for one thing, he didn’t sit down and bemoan the challenging circumstances life had given him, nor did he wait for people to rescue him. He was proactive, rather than reactive.  He took action and set himself in motion, and he hasn’t stopped since. Nido is the first to admit that everything he holds dear is a result of acting on his own behalf because he simply wasn’t willing to remain in those unfavorable conditions.

Are there less-than-ideal circumstances in your life? What’s happening that you don’t like? What do you want that you don’t have yet? Ask, and you shall receive; seek, and you shall find. You’ve got to know what you want, because whatever you’re seeking will then start to seek you. Knock, and the door will be opened. Don’t wait to be rescued, and don’t spend your energy complaining or worrying. Instead, define one thing you can do today that will take you one step closer to your ideal situation, your perfect life, or whatever goal or object you desire. Movement produces momentum. One step is all it takes to begin your journey, and as you continue to take steps, you’ll move forward and leave the past behind. Also, be sure to celebrate each step you take, and enjoy the fact that you’re on your path.

As you speak the following phrases, believe and embrace them. Visualize yourself having what you state—possess it. Notice how your voice and body respond to each “I” statement:

  • I acknowledge the things I need to take action on in my life.
  • I possess the attitude and skills needed to take action.
  • I am proactive.
  • I am consciously acting upon my thoughts and producing the desired outcomes.
  • I am winning in life by turning my attitude into action.
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Keith  Harrell
Known across corporate America for his energetic, innovative presentations, Keith Harrell (Mr. Super-Fantastic) is a dynamic life coach and motivational speaker who specializes in changing behaviors through a positive attitude. Keith shares his power Continue reading