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Addicted to Love

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Addicted to Love

Love Is All You Need
Peggy  McColl
Peggy McColl More by this author
May 01, 2016 at 09:00 AM

Hearing the title of this article reminds me of the song by Robert Palmer, by the same name Addicted to Love. When you recall Mr. Palmer's song you may remember that it is about the incredible feeling you have when you realize that you are in love and how wonderful it feels to be in love or become addicted to love.

What if you felt the intense feeling of love all of the time? Where you felt so much love that loving others was easy to do and you had a great love for yourself too? What kind of a day would you have? How would you affect others who came into contact with you? I'm quite certain, not only would you positively influence others; you'd also personally and positively benefit.

Most of us have some kind of addiction or addictions. Some addictions are positive and others not so positive. One of my personal addictions is an addiction for self-improvement. This addiction started 25 years ago, but I have no desire to eliminate it from my life. As a matter of fact, it is an addiction that serves me, and allows me to serve others. But, what if we developed an addiction to love?

My recent study has lead me to the understanding that we are all one. This is a very profound and powerful statement. Therefore, since we are all one, what if we focused on giving love to another? The result is quite simply that you will have love returned to you. That, of course, is not the reason you would do it, but it works with the law of cause and effect (for every action there is an equal reaction). What if we gave love (sent love) to every other. I'm not talking about physical or romantic love, but sending love to another can be done as simply as sending a loving thought (love energy) or smiling at another.

Debbie Heika, the Director of Operations for Dynamic Destinies recently shared with me her own personal love experience when she walked into her bank and stood in line to make a deposit. As she was standing in line she noticed one of the tellers was not particularly happy. Actually, she was bordering on being rude. This particular Teller would not smile nor warmly greet the customers and, in fact, she barely raised her head as she served each customer.

As Debbie was observing the Teller's behavior she also noticed how the customers were responding to this seemingly unhappy behavior, and quite frankly, people were not compassionate, nor were they patient. Rather than responding with warmth, the customers were equally grumpy and gruff with the Teller. Debbie, being an observer and a compassionate and loving woman, decided to (as Tony Robbins likes to say) break the Teller's emotional pattern. When it was Debbie's turn, she enthusiastically walked up to the Teller (there was no coincidence that Debbie landed at this Teller's window) and gave her a hearty warm hello and smiled (and quietly sent her love). The Teller responded with a curious half grin. Debbie then proceeded to compliment the woman on her choice in jewelry, and remarked about the glorious sunny spring-like day. Debbie initiated a friendly conversation and within a matter of 2 1/2 minutes totally influenced, in a positive way, this woman's state. By the time Debbie walked out the door, the Teller was smiling - something she failed to do for the 20 minutes that Debbie was in the bank lineup.

Debbie had a choice. She could have stood in line, watched the interactions with the Teller and the customers and chosen to get emotionally involved in the event in a negative and destructive way. But she chose differently. We are sometimes easily influenced by other people's behavior and we need to be aware of any negative influence on our emotion, and make sure we choose to BE loving.

A great testament to the entire premise of being loving is extremely well presented by Dr. Wayne Dyer he advocates for sending out sending love even when we don't feel compelled to do so. He shares his own personal experience of feeling challenged to send love, but truly believes in the Prayer of Saint Francis, which states "Where there is hatred, let me sow love.”

From one of my other great teachers, Neale Donald Walsch, in his best-selling series Conversations With God, he shared one of the most profound solutions to any challenge you may ever be faced with. He gives us one of the most powerful 5-word questions you will ever hear. This is a question that you can ask yourself if you ever feel a need to react to someone else's unkind behavior. Here's the question: What would LOVE do now?

I suggest you paste that question on your refrigerator What would love do now? or write it out and tape it to your telephone, or put it on your computer screen as a screen saver. It IS one of the most powerful questions you will ever ask, and you'll find it is the only question you need to ask. You can ask this question the next time you feel challenged to respond to someone who, you feel, has wronged you. Rather than responding or reacting with unloving behavior, ask yourself the key question: What would love do now? And you'll know what to do next.

You see, love truly is ALL THERE IS. The Beatles sang a song with powerful lyrics . . . love is all there is . . . love is all there is . . . love is all there is. Time to listen to it again and really listen.  It's the truth (and as the saying goes) and the truth shall set you free.

Choose to BE a loving person. Send love to others. You can send love without saying a word. You can be stopped at a traffic light and glance over at the person in the car beside you, regardless of gender, race and age and send love. Send love even when you don't feel like it. You'll find the mere act of giving away love will make you feel better, too.

Remember, loving another also means to love yourself. Your first love is self-love. Love yourself, love another. Simply BE loving and you will have an abundance of love in your world!

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