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Affirm Your Wealth

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Affirm Your Wealth

Let your mind improve your reality.
Marie-Claire  Carlyle
Marie-Claire Carlyle More by this author
Oct 08, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Here’s a look at Day 13 of Marie-Claire Carlyle’s 21-day plan to bring true wealth and abundance into your life:

Today we will look at how important it is to “be” wealthy, so that wealth comes to you.

Start the day, while still in bed, with some happy, grateful thoughts. Focus on one of your goals and imagine for a few moments that you have already achieved that goal. Feel what it feels like in every cell of your body. Enjoy the happy sensation as much as you can.

Greet yourself in the mirror with a big smile. Check your thoughts while in the shower and getting dressed. If a negative thought sneaks in, acknowledge it and let it go. Get curious about how you can find positives where before you only found negatives.


A relatively easy way to help you change how you think and feel about your situation is to change what you say about your situation. This is where the use of affirmations can be helpful. An affirmation is a simple positive statement that is repeated on a regular basis until the mind adopts it as a new belief. Some people like to keep copies of their favorite affirmations in places where they can see them regularly, for example inside a kitchen cupboard or written in secret code on the steering wheel of their car.

If you want to change your situation, start changing your thoughts about it now!

Examples of affirmations for becoming a Money Magnet include the following:

• I am (now) a Money Magnet!

• I’m always finding money.

• I attract money wherever I go.

• I am happy, healthy, and wealthy.

• I love my life.

• I have all that I need and more.

• I deserve lots of money.

• I love money and all that it allows me to do.

• I respect money and money respects me.

• I make money easily.

• I value what I do.

• I offer enormous value.

• I am happy to receive my full worth.

Choose the affirmations that feel most comfortable for you and remember to say them as often as you can. Keep in mind that if you are saying “I am wealthy” as an affirmation and yet, every time you say it, you have a little voice in your head exclaiming, “Yeah, right! Have you seen your bank balance lately?” then it will not be a very effective affirmation! In fact it could even have the opposite effect to the one desired. An alternative affirmation might be, “I’m ready to receive more wealth into my life.” As things start to improve, you may then adjust your affirmation to “I’m starting to attract more money.” This may become “I am a Money Magnet!” which may then lead to “I am wealthy!”

What affirmation would make the biggest difference to your life?

Write it down and start using it now.

The Be-Do-Have Principle

Are you waiting to have money in the bank before you do the thing you’ve always wanted to do and be as happy as you can be? Are you miserable in your job but waiting until things are better financially before you leave? Have you always wanted to write a book but are waiting until you have enough time? Are you waiting until you’re rich to be happy? If you can relate to the above comments and you are waiting to have something before you can be happy, you have got it the wrong way round! Maybe that’s why you haven’t progressed as much as you’d like. Maybe that’s why you feel “true happiness” is avoiding you.

The principle of Be-Do-Have is that you have to be the person you want to be first, in order to then do as that person would do, in order to then have all that you want to have.

If you start to behave as a lucky person, for example, you will start to attract luck wherever you go. You become a magnet for good fortune. You may then have the confidence to take decisions that you may not have made before you considered yourself lucky, and you will attract things into your life that you’ve always wanted. Rather than waiting until you are wealthier, you can decide to be happy and wealthy right now. Today, you can be happy if you really want to be happy. Look around for something that is good about you or your life. Look to nature and find something beautiful that will make you smile. Think of the last time you were laughing and feel that joy inside again. By choosing to be happy now, you will attract things to do and to have that make you happy. Remember, it’s all in the vibes that you’re giving out. Be a magnet for happiness and you will be a magnet for money.

If you wish to be a Money Magnet, start emitting the vibes of someone who has money. Be generous from the heart and you will naturally attract more money. Be grateful for all the amazing abundance that you already have in your life: your health, your sight, your loved ones. Behave like someone who is confident in their ability to make money, and you will attract the opportunities to make it. Bemoan your situation and the opportunities will do a U-turn at the end of your street. Be rich in your dealings with others and you will become rich in what you have in your life. It’s the Be-Do-Have Principle! Resolve to apply it in your life now.

The money is already there. The only thing preventing you from being rich is you.

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