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Affirmations Work!

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Affirmations Work!

Hay House
Sep 07, 2010 at 03:45 AM 0 comments

“Abundance flows into my life in surprising and miraculous ways every day.”

— Cheryl Richardson


Last week, just when I got home after work, I received a call from my landlady Susan. She had some paperwork for me to fill out and asked if she could stop by. I’d met Susan in person only once when I first moved into her house two years ago. The rest of our contact has been through the monthly mailing of my rent check.

As soon as I hung up the phone, my fears began to flare up. Was the house clean enough? Will she see all the weeds in the backyard? Susan said she’d be here in an hour, so that would give me enough time to do some creative shifting and straightening up—whether it needed it or not!

I heard Susan drive up, so I opened the door to greet her. She smiled when I invited her in and we stood by the kitchen table going over the papers. We talked a bit after that and I found out that Susan had lost her husband suddenly just before I moved in. She’s had some rough months taking over the details of their property business and she said she truly appreciated good tenants like me who didn’t make her job any harder.

As she headed to her car, I was surprised when she turned around again and called to me. “I almost forgot. I have to thank you for those cards you send with your rent checks. I look forward to reading my new message every month. Please keep sending them. They’ve really helped me a lot.”

I smiled as I remembered listening to Cheryl Richardson on one of her shows when she mentioned her practice of including an affirmation card in each one of her correspondences. It didn’t matter if she were sending an RSVP for an event, writing a letter to a family member or paying a monthly bill—an affirmation card was placed in the envelope for the recipient. That day, Cheryl painted a very vivid picture in my mind of how this unmistakable act of grace can make someone’s day. Thanks Cheryl!

As my landlady drove away, I realized just how powerful these affirmations can really be—and maybe why my water bill keeps getting lower!

For all of you who are including affirmation cards in your correspondences and passing these special messages to your family and friends when they need them most, you now have a beautiful new deck created by Cheryl Richardson called My Daily Affirmation Cards to share with the world!

Cheryl has empowered us in her amazing books, workshops, and radio shows and now has written her own wonderfully inspiring affirmations in this elegant new card deck. With Cheryl’s My Daily Affirmation Cards, you can create a life that honors your deepest desires. (And for those following Cheryl on Facebook —they even include a few images of her adorable cat—Poupon!)

I’ve already bought a deck for my landlady and a couple more for my family and friends. I invite you to do the same and include a specially chosen card in your next bill or letter and see what happens!

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