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All Is Well

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All Is Well

Louise Hay
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Mar 06, 2013 at 10:45 PM 0 comments

Whenever there is a problem, repeat the following affirmation over and over. It will create miracles in your life.

All is well.

Everything is working out for my highest good.

Out of this situation only good will come.

I am safe.

It thrills my heart to tell you about my latest book, dear ones, whether you’re new to my work or a long-time follower. All Is Well looks at my teachings from a fresh and exciting angle. My co-author, Mona Lisa Schulz, whom I love and adore, has been promising me for ages that she would pull together scientific evidence to support what I have been teaching for years.

While I personally do not need proof to know that these methods work—I rely on what I call my “Inner Ding” to evaluate things—I know there are many people who will only consider a new idea if there is science behind it. So in this book, we present the science to you. With this added information, I know that a whole new segment of people will become aware of the power they have to heal their bodies.

In All Is Well, Mona Lisa will show clearly, step by step, how you can move from illness to wellness—outlining the connections between emotional wellness and health and the prescriptions we give for healing. This book combines medical health, holistic health, nutritional health, and emotional health in one nice, tidy package that can be followed by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Creating this book with Mona Lisa has provided ample opportunity for me to learn even more about my own work. I now have a much deeper understanding of what I have been teaching for years. I see the depth of patterns—both in wellness and in disease—and how these affect our lives. And I see even more vividly just how connected our thoughts, emotions, and health are.

I know you will use the information in this book to create a healthy and happy life. Here’s to a new wave of personal healing!

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