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Always Do Your Best

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Always Do Your Best

Be the master artist of your life.
Don Jose Ruiz
Don Jose Ruiz More by this author
Nov 28, 2011 at 09:00 AM

Life gives us everything and everything in life can be a pleasure. Why not believe in the generosity of life? Why not learn to be generous and kind to yourself? If that makes you happy, and you’re good to everybody around you, why not? If you’re always transforming—if your dream is always changing even if you don’t want to change—why not master the transformation and create your personal heaven?

The dream of your life is made by thousands of little dreams that are dynamic. Dreams are born, they grow, and they die, which means they’re always transforming. But usually they’re transforming without your awareness. Once you are aware that you’re dreaming, you recover your power to change the dream whenever you choose. When you discover that you have the power to create a dream of heaven, you want to change your dream, and the Four Agreements are the perfect tool for that. They challenge the tyrant, the judge, the victim in your head. They challenge all those tiny agreements that make your life difficult.

And if you challenge your beliefs just by asking yourself if what you believe is true, you may find out something very interesting.

All your life you tried to be good enough for somebody else, and you left yourself last. You sacrificed your personal freedom to live according to somebody’ else’s point of view. You tried to be good enough for your mother, your father, your teachers, your beloved, your children, your religion, and society. After trying for so many years, you try to be good enough for yourself, and you find out that you’re not good enough for yourself.

Why not put yourself first, maybe for the time in your life? You can relearn how to love yourself by accepting yourself, unconditionally. And you can start by projecting unconditional love to the authentic you. Then practice loving your authentic self more and more. When you love yourself unconditionally, you are no longer easy prey for an outside predator who wants to control your life. You no longer sacrifice yourself for anyone. If you practice self-love, you will master self-love.

Always do your best is the agreement that helps you to become the master artist. The first three agreements are in the realm of the virtual reality. The fourth agreement is in the realm of the physical. It’s about taking action and practicing, and practicing, until you become a dream master. By doing your best, over and over, eventually you are going to master the art of transformation. The mastery of transformation is the second mastery of the artist which you can clearly see in the fourth agreement. When you always do your best, you’re taking action, you’re transforming yourself, you’re changing the dream of your life.

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Don Jose Ruiz
Don Jose Ruiz was born and raised in Mexico, and at the age of 21, he came to the United States to live and study with his father, don Miguel Ruiz (teacher and bestselling author of The Four Agreements).Don Jose lectures widely across the United S Continue reading