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An Apple a Day . . .

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An Apple a Day . . .

Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Sep 05, 2012 at 09:16 AM 0 comments

I am so delighted watching my apple tree grow this month. It is flourishing with so much fruit. This is the first time I am growing Anna apples. They are an early season variety and a relative of the Golden Delicious.

I read that these wonderful Anna apples were first developed in Israel in the 1950s to thrive in moderate climates where the fall and winter months rarely drop below freezing. This means that Anna apples grow abundantly in Southern California. They are what you’d call a low-chill apple.

Anna apples are green with a little dash of yellow and blushing red as you can see from the photo above. When you bite into them, they are the perfect balance of tart sweetness. Sometimes I bake them or just eat them raw. They’re so good for your digestion, they’re a great source of fiber and calcium and they are very low in calories.

Let nature nourish your body. Add more apples to your meals.

Let’s affirm:

I have a thorough understanding of nutrition, and I feed my body only healthy foods.

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