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An Incredible Way To Manifest Your Desires

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An Incredible Way To Manifest Your Desires

Supercharge The Law Of Attraction
Dr. Joe  Vitale
Dr. Joe Vitale More by this author
Apr 13, 2015 at 08:30 AM

Are you looking for a way to jump start your creative powers and manifest the life of your dreams? In their book The Remembering Process, Daniel Barrett and Joe Vitale teach you how to use your imagination to “remember” the things you want to attract into your life—by living as if they were already yours!

Joe Vitale Talks about the Law of Attraction:

Ever since I appeared in the movie The Secret, people all over the world ask me about attracting everything from relationships to money. I even created a Miracles Coaching program to help individuals understand and use the principles I teach. The Remembering Process is a way to speed up the Law of Attraction. You are already attracting. What you have is what you attracted. Congratulations. You are powerful. But what if you don’t like what you attracted? What if you want to attract something else?

You can use the Remembering Process to not only focus on what you want next, but to also actually pull it to you. By “remembering” that you attracted your goal, you more deeply convince yourself that it’s not just possible, but that it already happened. This increased energy fuels the Law of Attraction to kick into gear at a higher level.

For example, let’s say that you want to attract better health. In the traditional way of attracting, you might recite affirmations or sit and meditate on your chosen goal. That’s all well and good. But imagine adding remembering to the mix. Now you leap past the actual experience of having better health. Now you know you somehow obtained it or attracted it. It has to exist because you’re remembering it. What you can do from this playful place of remembering is ask yourself questions, such as, How did I create this healthy version of me? It doesn’t matter if your answers are fuzzy. After all, you are remembering. Your answers might open you to a new possibility.

Here’s the kicker: By remembering that what you want (a healthier you) did, in fact, come to be, you’re adding energy to the very thing you want to attract. You are speeding up the process. You are creating—or remembering—miracles.

Daniel Barrett Talks about the Remembering Process:

The Remembering Process, like the Law of Attraction, is essentially a vibration game. You know when you’ve met someone who seems happy and confident and welcoming, you might say that the person has a “good vibe”? Well, that’s the key to a better, more successful life: giving and receiving the right “vibes,” or vibrations. Another word for this is radiance—some people just radiate positive energy.

We’ve come to this Earth to play with these vibrations and figure out how to put our proverbial hands on the steering wheel and throttle of life—the vibration wave machine, so to speak. We vibrate and resonate with thoughts, ideas, and actions; and they either harmonize or clash. It’s like playing music. We want to be in tune with a certain style, a certain frequency, certain chords and rhythms. So we learn it. We learn the vibe.

Which vibes do you really want to learn?
Life can be a game of deciding which things you were given that you want to really relax into, and which ones you want to find the dial for and tune in to a change. The different energies are out there, and you can find their channel, like a radio station you tune in to. The Remembering Process opens your spiritual radio receiver to receive from whatever station you are tuning in to; and you bolster that decision with the TV you watch, the friends you keep, the conversations you indulge in—for good or bad.

As you change your mind-set, you must keep asserting where it is you want to “live.” Some of us are orphans in that spiritual or creative sense. We are not raised with the language, understanding, or support to do what it is we want to do. In his book It’s Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile, Dr. Wayne Dyer recounts growing up on his own in foster care. This experience forced him to develop confidence and an ability to create his own reality, which became his modus operandi for his entire career. Dr. Dyer is famous for saying, “You’ll see it when you believe it.”

The Remembering Process helps you believe in your goals or desires in a way that nothing else I’ve found can. When you remember that it’s already done, some part of you just accepts that you are fully capable. The fear mechanism releases, and your best work can unfold.

Self-development is a gift, not a burden. The need to do it by your own bootstraps is important at different stages of development. Children get to a point where they want to pour the milk themselves, and this translates to an adult’s spiritual growth. Your growth will eventually take you to a place that surpasses where your parents, friends, or anyone else can take you.

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