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Angels Are Us!

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Angels Are Us!

A diary for your thoughts.
Jenny  Smedley
Jenny Smedley More by this author
Jul 23, 2013 at 10:00 AM

I’d like to explain my concept of what angels are. Everything we see (or think we see) is a combination of energy molecules that are capable of shifting shape and dimensions. Everything we perceive as solid is actually composed of a lot of empty spaces when viewed on a quantum level, and so is more like liquid than solid matter. To me, angels are certainly not solid beings with wings and halos, although they can appear that way if they choose to. Because they, like the universe itself (and everything in it, including ourselves) are composed of pure energy, they can appear in any form they need to.

Because of this I never divide angels into realms and I don’t subscribe to the theory that they each have to have names. Why would you name energy? You only have to do an internet search to discover that very few names indeed are actually unique. It is our energy that is unique, and it is that which defines us to angels.

They see us as energy, and recognize us and each other by the energy, and that’s why our state of energy is so important when it comes to connecting with angels. They are naturally drawn to balanced, calm energy, and tend, when possible, to steer clear of turbulent, fluctuating energy. When we truly connect with an angel, our energy and their energy is blended momentarily. So if we want this to happen, we need to concentrate on an even flow to our energy, by calming emotions and wrapping worries in a blanket of trust.

This affinity angels have for calm energy is one of the reasons they also interact easily with animals, sometimes more easily than they do with humans. Animals live in the moment, and they are more accepting than we are able to be naturally, and also they don’t give each other names because they are much more attuned to each others’, ours, and angels’ energy than we find it possible to be.

One problem people have is finding that moment, that right time, or any time at all, to don the necessary spiritual cloak of balance, and this is why my diaries have been written. The angel diary (My Angel Diary 2013) gives a structured week by week, month by month focus, making it much easier for readers to structure their lives more around angels and less around the human condition.

Because of animals’ abilities to connect with the angelic world, my cat and dog diaries (My Dog Diary 2013 and My Cat Diary 2013) enable the animals’ owners to share this intuitive ability with their pet and use it to enhance their own perceptions and connections to angels.

Because the information is written in a diary form, and because most busy people consult their diaries on a daily basis, it is easily accessible and convenient. If we can just take a few minutes a day out of our busy schedules then we can gradually build a perceptible change in our energy state, and there is no doubt that angels, those wonderful, loving energy beings will see and respond. And before we know it our lives will have changed for the better. If angels can help us without disrupting our rightful path, then they will do so if we only take the necessary steps to reach out to them with compatible energy.

So, back to my original question, What are angels? Angels are divine ethereal beings whose one reaction to us is “love.” Angels are not unreachable, distant, God-like beings whom we can never hope to make a connection with. Angels are us. For underneath our human condition, our envelope of flesh, we are angelic in our root.

I believe that our human forms are tools used by the universe to house that spark of us, our soul, which is also our angelic base part, so that it can have life experiences, which in turn is necessary for angel evolution. So never feel than angels are aloof, or untouchable, because that would be denying a part of you, and denying you a connection with that greatest part of you. This means that when you’ve completed your journey, or many journeys, on the earth plane, you’ll rejoin with your angelic state. So, to me the word angel is synonymous with one word: home.

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Jenny  Smedley
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