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Are Angels Around You?

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Are Angels Around You?

Release your fears and listen.
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Jan 19, 2010 at 09:00 AM

Everyone has an equal ability to communicate with their angels, because all people are equally “gifted” spiritually. Some may appear to be more psychically adept than others; however, that’s only because those individuals have been willing to listen, believe, and trust the input of their spiritual senses.

The single biggest block I find in my psychic development students is that they try too hard to make an angelic experience happen. They want to see and hear an angel so desperately that they strain to do so. But anytime people grasp for something, they’re coming from a place of fear. It could be the anxious thought: Maybe I won’t be able to see or hear, Maybe I don’t have angels, or some other vague ego-based concern. The ego isn’t psychic at all, being entirely fear based. Only the love-based Higher Self within each of us is able to communicate with the Divine.

So the more you can relax, the more easily you’ll be able to consciously commune with your angels. The breath is a wonderful starting place, as is optimism akin to what many children have. They say, “Of course I have angels. Everyone does!” Children don’t care whether they’re imagining their angelic visions; they simply enjoy and accept them. As a result, children easily see and hear their guardian angels. If you stopped worrying whether your Divine connection is real or not, you’d overcome the ego’s blocks and enjoy your Higher Self’s natural—and very real—gifts.

The angels say: Fear is a natural predator of the psychic domain. It robs your psyche of its creative control and asks if you would allow it to dominate your moods, schedule, and decisions. It weakens you who are all powerful. Your decision-making capability is impaired at its behest. Allow no terror to ‘inter-fear’ with your domain of happiness, for that is God’s kingdom of great blessings. You’re more powerful than any anxious force. Your Divine willingness can overcome any darkness that the world has ever seen. Your Creator’s light will always blind any enemy if you will but focus on this radiance within your mind.

So, instead of doubting your ability to connect with our angels, let’s look at how you already do receive messages from Heaven and how you can enhance that connection even more.

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