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Are You a Healer?

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Are You a Healer?

Accessing the powers within.
Seka  Nikolic
Seka Nikolic More by this author
Aug 17, 2012 at 10:00 AM

As a Bio Energy practitioner for over 25 years now, I can look back over my experiences and talk confidently about Bio-energy and the healing gift that I use everyday. But this wasn’t always the case. My “awakening” or “discovery” of this power was a shocking and unwanted one. I had no one to turn to for understanding and learning about energy. Not surprisingly, there weren’t many alternative practitioners or self-help books around 30 years ago! Besides I was very happy in the job I was in, I was rising up in a field that I had studied and was destined for, right? Or wrong?

It was just a normal day at the office. I was going about my morning tasks until an extraordinary moment happened. Faroq, a colleague of mine, who suffered with an acute spinal deformity that meant he was confined to a wheelchair, was simply handing me a document to sign. When he did, I suddenly felt an uncontrollable force compelling me to put my hands on his shoulders. It seemed completely irrational but I just felt that I was being guided by a deep instinct.

Both of us were even more shocked when this connection was putting us through immense pain. I only had my hands on his shoulders but he was sweating and I was in complete agony—stabbing pains were shooting up my arms and down my spine. Yet I still couldn’t remove my hands. When I eventually did, the pain dropped out of me like a switch had being turned off. Faroq alarmingly, stood up from his wheelchair. Dazed and confused, he asked “Who on earth are you?” He wasn’t screaming with joy, he was too shocked. But he could walk! I had just had my first healing experience.

With the beauty of hindsight and the strong instinctive awareness I now have, I can see that using this gift is the right direction for my life. In many instances I had already been healing people for years, I just hadn’t realized or bothered to acknowledge it. Hence, my “wakeup call” came as a particularly dramatic one!

We each have gifts and powers that when we use or access them, we start to feel alive. Whether your talent is painting, acting, teaching, nursing or mountain climbing—your body will resonate at a neutral, balanced and healthy frequency, when it is doing the right thing for you.

Making the right choices for your body shows up in all aspects of your life. By being in a job that’s suits your skill set, or being in a relationship that’s right for you, or simply doing a hobby that makes you feel good—all these have strong positive effects on our energy and health. 

Illness, stress and low energy are just the signs and symptoms that occur when we are not tuning into our natural instincts. I believe that if we were all more aware of energy, we would be able to clearly see how different jobs, places, and people directly affect and alter our energy. By recognizing these shifts early you don’t have to wait till your body gets run down or ill. Instead you can learn how to protect and enhance your energy so consequently you can heal yourself.

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Seka  Nikolic
Seka Nikolic is a Bio-energy practitioner who is celebrated all over the world for her exceptional powers. Widely referred by doctors, GPs and specialists, she is able to accurately diagnose and treat a huge range of ailments. Seka's healing abilitie Continue reading