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Are You a Mover and a Shaker?

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Are You a Mover and a Shaker?

Louise Hay
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Mar 10, 2010 at 03:15 AM 0 comments

I love our CEO Reid Tracy and our delightful author Cheryl Richardson. They are two wonderful reasons why I’m packing to attend our new Movers and Shakers Workshop this week.

I had so much fun at this event last year and I learned so much. Reid was wonderful. He talked about how an author gets a book published and what they need to do to get editors, publishers, and organizations interested in their work.

Cheryl talked about behavior and integrity and how important it is to behave with kindness and respect during any and all meetings and negotiations with others.  

I sat in the back of the room. After listening to the challenges and stories that some of the people shared about their journey as an author or speaker, I started to write affirmations for them.

I’d like to share 15 of these affirmations here with you. Choose the ones that resonate the most with you and write them down on 3x5 cards. Place these cards around your house, by your bed, on your closet door, by your computer, in your car or on your desk.

Whether you are a writer, an editor, a speaker, or someone who wants to move and shake up any area of your life, use these affirmations to help you move forward:

Let’s affirm:

This is the beginning of a new phase of my life.

I am honest, honorable, and act with integrity. Life loves me.

I bless the gift of disappointment.

Any mistakes I make are merely stepping stones on my pathway.

I allow myself to think big dreams.

Giving service is my highest priority.

Patience is my spiritual practice.

All my work is of the highest quality.

I have faith in myself and the process I am going through.

I am finding my own voice.

I teach only what I have learned for myself.

I am becoming an expert in my field.

I am incredibly successful.

Today I create a new life, with new rules that totally support me.

It is easy for me to walk through new doors and I am always welcome.


I love you,


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