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Are You a Worryah or Warrior?

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Are You a Worryah or Warrior?

Cheryl  Richardson
Cheryl Richardson More by this author
Aug 25, 2011 at 03:30 AM 0 comments

People always ask me how I'm able to find something to write about nearly every week. Sometimes the idea comes as a flash of insight out of the blue, but most weeks I find inspiration in my conversations with others, my own struggles to live a good life, items I find on the web or in an e-mail from a reader, and sometimes I get a fun idea while driving in my car. That's what happened yesterday. While on my way to an appointment, I passed a church with a sign announcing the topic of their Sunday sermon. It read: Are you a Warrior or a Worryah?

As soon as I saw the sign I chuckled and grabbed my iPhone to record the idea. Then, I spent the day thinking about ways to shift from being a Worryah to a Warrior. The way I see it, to be a Warrior means to take charge of your thinking, to choose to see opportunities instead of roadblocks, or to absolutely refuse to give in to your distressing mind. If, like me, you have a tendency to worry, here are four things you can do to stop yourself from spiraling down:

  1. Make a decision, right now, to become a Warrior. All positive change begins with a decision—a choice to rise up to a whole new way of being in the world. So, if you tend to be a Worryah, make a decision to take charge of the most powerful creative tool you own: your beautiful mind. Tell yourself: “I am the 'Master of My Mind' and I choose to think positive, life-affirming thoughts.” Or make up your own version of Warrior speak.
  2. Let your body lead. When you start to ruminate about something, catch yourself and immediately move your body in an outrageous way. I know, I know, this might sound a bit crazy, but stay with me. Do something wacky with your body. For example, if you have a tendency to worry when in bed (before going to sleep or upon waking), the minute you start thinking troublesome thoughts, you might:
    - Go to the bathroom and make goofy faces in the mirror.
    - Sit up and shake your head from side to side while holding a big smile on your face.
    - Get up and start dancing a happy dance (if you share a bed with someone, please warn him or her ahead of time!)
    The quickest way to shift your state of mind is to shift your body from the position it's in once you start to worry. Try it and experience the magic for yourself.
  3. See yourself as a Warrior. Take a few moments to find an image of yourself as a Warrior. You might see yourself sitting stick straight on the back of a beautiful white horse, dressed like a king or queen, holding a golden sword, armed and ready to slice away at any worrisome thoughts. Or, you might imagine yourself as a big, majestic bird that drops any negative thoughts into a cleansing lake where they're transformed into positive ones that allow you to feel strong, courageous, and resourceful. Then, see yourself flying back from the lake with a renewed determination to be an even stronger Warrior.
    To find your own image, close your eyes, take several slow, deep breaths, and ask your subconscious mind to gently place an image in front of you. Go ahead. Do it now...
    When you find yourself worrying about something, focus on your image so you can return your mind to a more resourceful state.
  4. Do something for someone else. Sometimes the fastest way to shift from Worryah to Warrior is to get out of your own head by giving support to someone else. I've had days when I've been strangled by worry and literally forgot what I was worrying about after spending time on the phone with someone who needed comfort, advice, or a listening ear. It always happens. Being a Warrior for someone else will instantly make you a Warrior for yourself.

So how about it? Ready to make the shift? Let's go to battle fellow Warriors! Think great thoughts: I am empowered by everything...My life is a gorgeous reflection of Divine Wisdom...I touch the soul of everyone I meet...I am fearless...I am filled with great ideas...I love deeply...I can do anything...I believe in the power of good...I am the Master of My Mind!

Take Action Challenge:
Shifting from Worryah to Warrior starts with one small step. Choose an idea from above and begin now. While worrying is a normal human behavior, you can limit the amount of time you spend in this suffering state by choosing to do something different.

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