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Are You Blocking Your Energetic Pipeline?

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Are You Blocking Your Energetic Pipeline?

How To Unblock Your Connection With Spirit
Sandra Anne Taylor
Sandra Anne Taylor More by this author
Nov 06, 2014 at 08:15 AM

Since relaxation and peace open the door to the many wonderful powers of Spirit, it stands to reason that conflict and disquiet will shut it. In fact, the most common reactive pattern blocking this force is living in agitation. Many people find it difficult to relax because they can’t sit still and quiet their mind. This can be a sign of inner conflict, the unending voice of over-analysis, worry, fear, perfectionism, or just the stress of having too much to do.

The inability to relax and connect could also come from an outer conflict with other people. This can be caused by any level of worrisome unfinished business, unexpressed feelings of hurt or anger, or hostility in the environment— whether at home, at work, or in romance. If this is the case, it will be important to decode and consciously let go of the worry, and calm the inner conflict. Stand up to the hostility and determine what you need to do to resolve things.

Make sure that you ventilate your feelings in a journal. Always speak your truth, and know that you deserve to take action on your own behalf. Difficult times are precisely the times you need to engage the force of spirit most, but your agitated vibration can make it hard for this power to flow. You can decode the agitation and the worry. And when you meditate, ask for Spirit’s energy to help you to be peaceful and calm—and to give you guidance on resolving any difficulty you may be facing.

Getting Real
Perhaps the biggest block to the force of Spirit is the lack of belief in it. This divisiveness of focus and dismissal of spiritual importance fragments your essential energy, often without your even knowing it. You aren’t going to be motivated to meditate or build your intuition if you ignore both the power and the importance of this wonderful force. People live with the physical world, “the real world,” in mind. They have the attitude that the energy of Spirit doesn’t apply to the real world, and there’s no proof of its presence anyway. In addition, those who have been disappointed— perhaps by not having their prayers answered in a specific way—often have lost faith, causing them to break the connection between themselves, the power of Spirit, and their higher self. But it’s time to renew your faith in this unseen yet most dynamic power, whatever you define it to be.

In fact, some people’s religious experiences or family upbringing actually instilled fear of the spiritual experience. They even have worries about the simple practice of meditation. If this is the case for you, it’s important that you decode such apprehension. The anxiety may have come through misinformation in this life or even from persecution in the past. People may say that’s crazy, but your eternal code accumulates many specific codes from emotionally charged experiences and reactive patterns you may not understand, nor even know the source of. That’s why this process of coding and decoding is so powerful: You don’t need to know the source of the problem in order to change it.

The Energy Decoding Process
To engage in the decoding process, you can do these five steps which will take you only a few minutes.
1. Place your index and middle finger of each hand on your forehead over your eyes. (There is an illustration and more details in my book, Your Quantum Breakthrough Code).Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Keeping your eyes closed, raise them slightly as if you were looking up at the point between your fingertips.
2. Say your decoding statements while engaged in this position.
3. Make a final releasing statement and feel any energetic response.
4. Visualize the release of the old negative patterns moving off to the left.
5. Drop your hands, release the position, and let all thoughts go.

Coding Points
Whatever inner or outer conflict may be causing you unrest, don’t give up. And try not to be too intellectual for your own good. You can decode your unrest and your resistance. Open up to the power and truth of this amazing force of Spirit within. As you write in your coding journal, let your hand move freely, recording whatever flows onto the page. Use the following statements when doing your coding process to help you get more connected and receive more help from Spirit and your own intuition.

I decode worry and over-analysis.
I decode agitation.
I decode conflict inside and out.
I decode any resistance to opening up to Spirit’s love and support.
I decode old patterns of fear.

I code comfort and safety in making decisions that honor me.
I code a peaceful heart and a willingness to let go of outer concerns.
I code an easy ability to relax and receive.
I code an open, flowing, receptive connection.
I code a connection to Spirit’s love, power, and resolution.
I code the ability to ask for and receive Spirit’s assistance in my life.
I code a willingness to connect with my own eternal self.
I code comfort and openness to Divine love and spirit energy.
I code the ability to see all the wonder and power that Spirit has to offer.

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