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Are You Compatible? Your Stars Hold the Answer

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Are You Compatible? Your Stars Hold the Answer

A Quick Guide to Astrological Compatibility From Yasmin Boland
Yasmin Boland
Yasmin Boland More by this author
Dec 15, 2016 at 09:00 AM

When I went on my first date with my future husband Olivier, I had my handy Palm Pilot with me (it was 2005!). After our first drink, I casually managed to wangle his time, date and place of birth out of him and ran his astrological birth chart on my device. I pretended that I wanted to share a bit of information about his chart, but I actually wanted to see how compatible we were astrologically.

I was thrilled to find his Venus (the planet of love) on my Ascendant (or Rising Sign – the chart’s most personal point) and… the rest is history!

Some people might laugh at this but there is so much information in your birth chart that will tell you very quickly how compatible you are with someone (or not). For example, back in my dating days, I knew very well not to date men with too many planets in Leo (sorry Leo men but we just don't match).


Here are some of the basics of astrological compatibility so you can try it for yourself when you first meet someone.

Any quick guide to compatibility needs to start with the broadest of brushstrokes…

Are You in Your Element?

If all you know about your partner or potential new partner is their Star sign, that’s better than nothing. What you need to remember is which star sign is which element.

  • Aries is Fire
  • Taurus is Earth
  • Gemini is Air
  • Cancer is Water
  • Leo is Fire
  • Virgo is Earth
  • Libra is Air
  • Scorpio is Water
  • Sagittarius is Fire
  • Capricorn is Earth
  • Aquarius is Air (not Water as people often think)
  • Pisces is Water

(Just as a little side note, the elements repeat three times in the same order: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. It can be a good memory aid.)

All you have to remember is that Fire goes with Air and Earth goes with Water. Signs in the same element also get on well.

So once you know the element someone’s Star sign is in, you already know how likely you are to click.

Someone’s Star sign relates to the sign that the Sun was in when they were born. The Sun in the birth chart shows the ego and the essential self that you will be dealing with. So someone’s Star sign will tell you a lot about how you’re going to interact.

Oh No! We’re Not a Match! What Now?

What if you’ve just discovered that you and your partner’s Star signs don’t click? Don't panic! You are more than just your Star sign!

In fact, you have ten planets in your birth chart: your Sun and Moon (which are actually luminaries not planets), your Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. (Astrologers tend to ignore the strange midnight ruling when astronomers demoted Pluto to being a dwarf planet and you probably should too.) The Ascendant or Rising sign also tells you a lot. It represents the sign that was rising in the East at the moment and place you were born. The planets and our Rising sign all represent different parts of our personality.

In the case of me and my husband, he’s Aries and I am Cancerian. That’s Fire and Water so, in theory, we clash. And clash we do, sometimes. However his Venus (love planet) smack on the most personal point in my chart (my Ascendant) overrides that.

Chances are, if you have been in a long and mostly happy relationship with someone that you’re theoretically not all that compatible with, you will also have other planets which click together beautifully.

Once you get to know your own chart, you will find it easy to ascertain very quickly how well you’re likely to get on with someone, just by glancing at the list of their planetary placements.

If you do want to look further into this, you can get a free birth chart at and check out how compatible your other planets are.

As well as your Sun, also look at your Moon (which shows how you emote), your Venus (love), Mars (sex) and Jupiter (fun) planets.

Look at their Sun and your Sun, their Moon and your Moon etc. but also mix them up. So, for example, if your Sun and their Moon are in compatible elements, that’s a match. The same applies if their Venus goes with your Mars or vice versa.

The more matches you get, the happier you’re likely to be together. Good luck!

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