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Are You Curious About Your Past Lives?

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Are You Curious About Your Past Lives?

Healing Through Past-Life Regression
Mira  Kelley
Mira Kelley More by this author
Jul 29, 2014 at 12:45 PM

Past Life Regression is a very gentle, yet powerful tool. In our sessions, I guide my clients into a state of deep physical and mental relaxation. With their bodies relaxed, their natural focus goes within and they can access deeper states than they’re able to in waking life.

We are always connected to all the lifetimes that we have lived and will live. They are part of our path, our nature, and our heritage. By letting the stimuli of the external world recede into the background, we can easily connect with the experiences that have created us. The stories, images, and feelings of those other lives are immediately present to my clients during our sessions, flowing vividly in their minds. I ask them to tell me what they perceive, and they simply narrate the story to me.

Every session is unique, yet what clients experience is always perfectly tailored to give them whatever will serve them in their highest capacity. The lifetimes are never selected at random; they’re not just fun stories to tell at a dinner party. Reliving other incarnations helps us understand who we are and gives us guidance on our most pressing emotional and physical challenges. Through this simple process, people experience other past lives they have lived, with many different results. Always, however, my clients leave in awe. The work I do also allows clients to communicate with their Higher Selves, spirit guides, and angels; to receive guidance around important decisions; and to receive answers to lifelong questions.

The Benefits Of Past Life Regression

Regression can help you resolve emotional and physical issues. It is helpful for understanding and releasing phobias and traumas. Through regression, we can learn about our relationships with others, and what roles those people have played in the lifetimes that we’ve shared. Seeing the threads between us, the connections created across time, gives us an understanding about our present-day circumstances; we can start to see with more compassion, forgiveness, and love.

The regression stories in my book Beyond Past Lives —my own and those of my clients—have revealed to me lessons about what it means to be human, how time works, the infinite possibilities of the Universe, and how to heal our most persistent emotional and physical challenges. We don’t need any special circumstances in order to experience other lifetimes. It can happen spontaneously when we find ourselves in a place or situation that reminds us of another life, and it can also happen in our dreams. That said, when we connect intentionally through regression, we can use information from our past lives to receive answers and guidance.

To the mind, the process is almost seamless. It requires only a subtle change in brain-wave activity. During a regression, we shift from a beta brain-wave state—the state characteristic of normal waking consciousness—to the alpha state, the state of relaxation. From there, and with my guidance, my clients move into either a theta or gamma state. Theta is the state of being aware but drowsy; it’s most often experienced just before falling asleep and again just before waking. Theta is the border state between conscious and unconscious. When used with intent, it is a state where profound learning, healing, and growth can take place. In the gamma state, one experiences a heightened sense of perception and consciousness, resulting in a feeling of oneness with all—bliss and an innate understanding of the nature of existence. It is in the theta and gamma states where the powerful work of regression takes place.

To get a client into that deep level of trance, I use hypnosis. Hypnosis is such a misunderstood and feared process! Because of what we have seen during performances of stage hypnosis—and because of the claims of “mind domination” through hypnotic suggestion—our egos are naturally afraid to surrender control. What we don’t understand is that reaching a deep level of trance does not need to involve the release of control over your person. During regression you are in complete control. In fact, it’s important for your ego—your mind—to be present throughout the entire session. Your mind becomes part of the process; it’s the part of you that learns and understands. The new information discovered during a regression allows for the whole personality, including the ego, to shift to an expanded place of being and creating life.

All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. In the process of relaxation, the ego mind determines that the body—the person—is safe in its physical surroundings; that it is safe to relax into the serenity and comfort of my office and my presence because I am someone who can be trusted to guide them and take good care of them. The moment the ego determines that it will be safe during its explorations, the mind is able to orient itself.

Hypnosis is the ability to focus within. By relaxing the body, our focus can shift from the input of the external senses to the input of the inner senses. The mind disentangles from physical reality and gives the inner senses freedom to go beyond and explore. Next, the inner senses naturally orient themselves and travel up through the different layers of consciousness—through emotions, through personal beliefs, through the shared social beliefs and constructs, and through the Higher Self. The higher our psychic energy rises, the freer we are from our personality and the story of our life. The higher our vibration rises, the closer we come to merging with the consciousness of our Oversoul, the “mother” of all the souls that have inhabited our present, past, and future lives.

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Mira  Kelley
Mira Kelley grew up in Bulgaria where at the age of 13 she had a powerful regression experience. Now Mira assists people in transforming their lives through regression. Stories from Mira’s sessions are included in Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Continue reading