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Are You Getting the Message?

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Are You Getting the Message?

Divine beings ready to share new revelations.
Colette  Baron-Reid
Colette Baron-Reid More by this author
Aug 27, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Imagine…from the oldest cultures on Earth, ancient myths and legends tell of powerful, magical beings that have existed as our trusted allies, protectors, and advisors, It’s said they’ve lived alongside humanity since time began, yet in another dimension separated only by a thin etheric veil. Angels, Faeries, Nature Spirits, and others walked between the worlds and beside us openly for a time. They served with us as co-creators of the bridge between the realms of the Spirit and those on Earth.

Some of them were deeply committed to the well-being of all sentient life on the planet and took great interest in the workings of humankind. They knew that all things that manifested on the Earth plane were conceived in the realm of the Unseen Infinite first. Their gift was to help humanity direct its life-force energy to create the most powerful realms according to the order and higher dream of the Divine.

Legend says that we formed a Sacred Alliance with these beings to maintain balance between our earthly, visible world of effects and the unseen causal world of Spirit.

After thousands of years, humanity began to forget the Alliance, and in the necessary evolution of consciousness, new ideas came to influence the collective thinking. Great technological progress was made in spite of our mystical losses. Religious superstition and fear, materialism, and ideas of a mechanical universe wiped out our ability to connect to these mystical beings that were our friends. And so these beings faded away into the Hidden Realms, accessible only to a secret few.

A prophecy spoke of their return to the descendants of those who remembered them. Now the whispering of their ancient wisdom begins to awaken within us as our world has become increasingly out of balance. Some have come back from the Hidden Realms to help us reclaim our highest good and have recommitted to helping us be the best we can possibly be. They guide us to create a life of peace, purpose, prosperity and love and to restore balance and healing to our world.

As they faded away, the beings of the Hidden Realms made a promise long ago: if their likenesses and names were summoned, they would answer our call for assistance and guidance.

Invoke the Divine power and use it well—only and always for the highest good—and they will show you the way to the Divine path for your destiny. Every person who fulfills his or her highest personal destiny creates a shift of healing for all living things.

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Colette  Baron-Reid
Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, spiritual medium and bestselling inspirational author published in 27 languages. Her bestselling med Continue reading