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Are You Hoarding Antacids?

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Are You Hoarding Antacids?

How to stop your stomach distress.
Caroline  Sutherland
Caroline Sutherland More by this author
Oct 01, 2010 at 10:00 AM

As we age, we lose digestive capacity. After the age of 40, hydrochloric-acid production wanes, and we’re unable to break down proteins efficiently . . . enter Tums.

I remember when my siblings and I were cleaning out our mother’s cupboards after she died, and we discovered bottle after bottle of antacids. Some people hoard gold; our mother hoarded Tums.

Most individuals think that the need for antacids is due to the production of too much stomach acid, while the reverse is true. Antacids neutralize one of the body’s most important secretions—hydrochloric acid—that, along with the enzyme pepsin, is necessary for protein digestion. Acid blockers make the stomach more alkaline and less acidic than it needs to be; in other words, antacids could actually be blocking the body’s ability to digest food, vitamins, and minerals. Gas and bloating are sure signs of low stomach acid, and there’s nothing more socially unacceptable than a good case of “bum gas.” If you’re living with someone who’s constantly got the “toots,” I suggest betaine hydrochloride, which is available at health-food stores.

This supplement helps neutralize stomach acid, breaks down proteins efficiently, balances PH levels, and stops gas and bloating—a welcome relief to all family members.

You’ll also notice a huge difference in your gut when you stop drinking coffee and consuming dairy products, which are probably the main stomach-distress culprits.

Over and over again, I find that when people listen to their bodies and put aside offending foods, almost all of their gastrointestinal problems disappear.

If your stomach is delicate, I find that lightly steamed vegetables may be better tolerated than raw. I’m a big fan of soups and stews because they’re so nurturing. You can get an almost instantaneous correction from stomach problems with good old chicken or turkey soup (made without the wheat noodles)—a pot of it on the stove provides a ready source of fuel that will keep everyone happy. Make enough to share with your neighbor or friend who needs some extra TLC.

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Caroline  Sutherland
Caroline Sutherland is an internationally recognized medical intuitive, lecturer, workshop leader, and author of numerous books and audio programs on health, personal development, and self-esteem. She is the founder of Sutherland Communications Inc., Continue reading