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Are You Innerwise?

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Are You Innerwise?

Energy medicine for everyone.
Uwe  Albrecht M.D.
Uwe Albrecht M.D. More by this author
Nov 09, 2012 at 09:00 AM

Over a year ago, I created Innerwise®: The Complete Healing System  with the German publisher Allegria Verlag as a complete self-treatment system. It quickly became a bestseller and received the distinction as the best health product in Europe. Innerwise: The Complete Healing System is also the first published product to be certified as a medical device in the EU.

This healing system is a gift that enables you to resolve deep-rooted blockages and disorders in a playful way. Thus, superficial symptoms—an expression of deeper irritations and charges—can disappear.

Hay House has now published my practical work in English, which encompasses research acquired over 16 years, including my search for the essence of many healing methods and their integration into an open system.

With Innerwise, users can compose their individual healing symphony intuitively. Supported by 6 test cards, they can select the precise healing cards out of a set of more than 300 to resolve stress and blockages in the body. At the end of the treatment, the healing symphony is copied to the amulet included in the set. As you wear the amulet, the healing symphony resounds continuously—and even if our ears don’t hear it, our heart and our cells do. In this way, we can resolve physical, emotional and energetic disorders.

Since the card set is green in color, it has already earned the nickname “The Green Doctor.”

The Innerwise system is so simple that reading the short guide in the set’s booklet or watching the brief video is enough to help you get started.

As you use this healing system, you will be supported and guided by the arm-length test. This is a kinesiological test that you can practice yourself. Our body can say “yes” or “no” through a difference in arm length. More precisely, it is our subconscious expressing itself through our body, and our subconscious is typically 90 percent responsible for creating our reality. This means that our life’s main stakeholder is not our conscious will but our subconscious.

When you let your arms hang loosely at your sides and say “yes,” they are usually equally long as you bring them together in front of your body. But when you say “no,” the length of your arms differs. The arm-length test is really that easy! Yet it can do a lot more than that: When you touch an organ that is not in balance and you do the arm-length test, your arms differ in length. The greater the difference in arm length, the higher the organ’s level of stress. This test provides a full diagnosis without lab, x-ray or ultrasound. It can even reveal allergic reactions, rigidity or blockages. (You can read more about this test in my book Yes/No: Life Can Be So Simple.)

Everyone wants to be healthy, happy and successful. Yet when people imagine this and bring their arms together in front of their body, their arms often differ in length. This means that our primary stakeholder—the subconscious—experiences stress imagining these things. When this happens, these things can’t and won’t occur. Innerwise clears the blockages in our subconscious so that what we wish for can happen.

Innerwise works not only for people, but also for animals, plants and living workspaces, systems or organizations, because everything is alive and thus follows the principle of disharmony or harmony, of blockage or flow. It is a healing system that helps all life to live in health, flow and integrity.

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Uwe  Albrecht M.D.
Uwe Albrecht was born in East Germany in 1966. He is a physician and pioneer of energy medicine. In addition to conventional medicine, he studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), classical European healing methods, physioenergetics, osteopathic re Continue reading