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Are You Living an Old Story?

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Are You Living an Old Story?

Give your ego a makeover!
Peggy  Rometo
Peggy Rometo More by this author
Aug 16, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Much of the time, ego is about looking good. Sometimes when you’re working on pursuing your promises, you have to attack a problem, and it’s messy—which doesn’t look good. The ego doesn’t want to be caught not having the right answers, and it hates not knowing how things will turn out. So it discourages you from trusting your intuition, really looking at yourself, and doing what you need to do to live your own authentic life.

This discouragement can take a number of forms: patterns that keep us stuck in destructive behavior or painful emotion, beliefs that no longer serve us, fears that hold us back, negative self-talk that weighs us down. Or it can show up as stories we’re caught up in reliving—things that happened to us earlier in our lifetime, or things that we’ve carried with us from other dimensions, other lives.

If it’s hard for you to grasp the idea that other dimensions exist simultaneously with this one, or to believe in past lives and their influence on us now, that’s fine. Just think of them as stories that influence us, for better or worse. You can imagine that some of these stories have better endings than others. The stories with good endings don’t cause us emotional or physical problems now, but the stories in which we don’t fare so well create blocks or challenges for us, either physically or mentally, in our current reality. As an example, let’s say in one story (or dimension or past life) you drowned: consequently you’re now terrified of water.

Sometimes these stories connect not only to your emotions, like the fear of water, but to your character—the kind of person you are. For example, if you were a thief in another lifetime and never got caught, you might now have a penchant to shoplift or to steal and not think too much of it. Or you might suspect others of stealing from you, experience a lack of trust around your own possessions, or go through cycles of loss. Whatever the source of these stories, the benefits of releasing the blocks they create are endless. The more time and energy you put into shifting your stories—releasing your fears, phobias, anger, and other automatic negative responses—the more you’ll begin to see changes in your personality, anything from becoming more trusting to becoming more outspoken or outgoing. You’ll no longer turn to your negative behavior as an automatic reaction to your environment. You’ll begin to attract the right people, places, and situations to assist you in revealing and sharing your gifts in the world. Your life will become better because you’re living the life you were meant to live, not some old story that no longer defines you.

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Peggy  Rometo
Peggy Rometo is a gifted intuitive healer, psychic medium, and Reiki master who counsels people around the world through her writing workshops, recordings, and personal sessions. She advises her clients, who range from Fortune 500 executives to world Continue reading