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Are You Living Your Truth?

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Are You Living Your Truth?

Take A Stand For Truth by Living Your Truth
Jennifer Kass
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May 27, 2015 at 02:00 PM

One of the core values that I stand for is truth and the journey back to my truth required me to step onto my spiritual path through daily prayer and meditation over the past four years, leaving behind fear and returning to love.
I've now made it my mission to be a wayshower and a guide for others who are ready to remember their truth, to step onto the path of love and into their highest possibilities, ultimately so that we may all serve on a higher level.

The only way back to the truth is go within. When we begin to let our inner world take precedence over our outer world, we connect to a deep, real anchor of love and security that is not in the physical world. And when we connect with this non-physical force within, we begin to transform our physical world and our relationships heal; our bodies heal; our money issues heal; the illusion of lack and scarcity and sickness and illness heals on a spiritual level that transcends all time and space, making miracles possible.
To experience the full capacity of our divine blueprints - to move into self-actualization, we are required to do two things:

Take responsibility. And cultivate a daily spiritual practice in which we connect with the truth that is not of this world so that we may bring it into this world, through daily prayer and meditation.
For us to take responsibility, we must recognize that we are not the victims of our circumstances but that we chose all of it on a soul level, and that we are meant to empower ourselves to break free from anything that has been binding us or restricting us. We realize that we are the creators of our lives and our purpose is to remember and step into our power.

We do this through a daily devotion to love, to something greater than our ego's mind and its insane thoughts that keep us trapped in the fear cycle. The vehicle through which we return to love is prayer and within our meditation we connect more deeply with the infinite sea of love within.
In her Hay House World Summit talk - A Prayer For Our Age, Caroline Myss spoke of the true spiritual path which "requires us to work with the light, to live with it; we will not just find it reading a book." She added that "we have no sense that we are holy or sacred; we have no self-reverence or personal integrity; until we do, we do not have humanitarianism."

Caroline offered a prayer that can be used to heal our own personal lives as well as allow the larger global transition and healing we are experiencing now. “Don’t let me sleep through this transition because I don’t want it to happen. Let me use the light in me in all ways possible.”

Prayer is a continuous, growing, evolving practice in which we connect with our divine self, the love within us, peaceful perceptions and an authentic self that is stripped of masks and false identities. It gives us true power rather than the false power the ego offered us, so that we may fill ourselves up and create an overflow of love to everyone around us. This is our true purpose. To be love in a loveless world. To be love in a world that deeply needs our help now.

Choosing to step onto our spiritual path and a path of self-love and as Caroline would call it, self-reverence is the boldest and highest act of service in the modern world. The other option would be to stay in ignorance and suffering rendering us incapable of creating the change in the world we came here for during this important time.

I invite you to begin your daily practice today or deepen your existing practice bringing even more love to the parts of you that are still calling to be healed, so that you may bring that love out into the world in an even bigger way. Learn more about creating a daily spiritual practice when you download your free copy of The Happiness Blueprint.

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Jennifer Kass
Jennifer Kass is a global spiritual mentor, writer and speaker.  Jennifer’s mission is to make love a global force, awakening all willing hearts and minds, to create a world that works for everyone. For the past five years, Jennifer has been Continue reading