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Are You Stuck In A Rut At Work? 5 Easy Steps To Take Today

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Are You Stuck In A Rut At Work? 5 Easy Steps To Take Today

Career Coach Mo Faul Shares What Works
Mo Faul
Sep 21, 2016 at 02:00 PM

I used to be stuck in my career and in life. I learned a lot throughout the process of getting unstuck. I hired coaches, I went to seminars and I laid out real money to turn my career and life into something that felt better and more fulfilling.

Some of it worked, some of it didn’t. I figured at least I was learning.

Then I used all my spiritual might, Law of Attraction and all the magic in the Universe and JUMPED into my current work as a Career Coach. I had finally trusted the Universe to send me in the direction of my true Self. I took my executive career to heights I was proud of, made money and had all the logical steps in place for the big shift. I was set and I was evolved!

Done. Problem more struggles for me. CHECK! Now I can focus on helping lift others.

Not so fast, Mo! I didn’t know it, but I suddenly started telling myself things to keep me exactly where I was...shrinking. Yikes.

Shrinking and STUCK. The spiritual one is stuck, in her limiting beliefs, in my stories. Oh goodness, Holy Wayne Dyer, please...come to the rescue!

“Look at this broken knee, look your age Mo,” I would say to myself,  “look.. You’re lazy and too comfortable. See all the signs point to don’t do it. It’s the way things go when you are older.”

I had got myself tied up in a series of self-limiting stories that didn’t serve my higher good. These stories became my new new persona. My life shrunk while my waist and hips expanded.

“This is how people in their 50’s do it. They slow down, they drink green tea, contemplate life and let the younger generation exercise and lift and sweat and grunt. Those days are over for me.”

I denied it all. Just like a great student...keep pushing the teacher to make the pain greater!

Eventually, I was sick of saying I couldn’t. I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw a cheery, aligned person with BIG limiting stories. And a growing waistline and cheeks that seemed to be saggin more (it’s just the way it goes).

Wake up call #3,946,652 (or so). It was time to get unstuck, get fit, and be the best version of me to live life fully.

Here’s what I did to get unstuck:

Teacher, student. Coach thyself.

  1. DECIDE who you want to BE and what you want your life (and career) to look like. Don’t settle for low standards. Raise the bar. You are worth it. You are worth YOU!

  2. PRIORITIZE your actions. Once you decide how marvelous you want your life, once you see it and feel the reality of this wonderful life called, “YOURS”. You must take actions to move in that direction. Now this may need a little extra fire power, so proceed to step #3.

  3. GAIN MOMENTUM and build up the big WHY. What is in it for you? Will you feel great? Will you make more money if you finally go for that new job or raise? Can you tell a new story about how great and smart and deserving you are to make more, feel better, be more fit?

  4. IMAGINE yourself in the future. Once I was able to use my creative powers of imagination, I was able to see a new me as a possibility. Imagination is one of the superpowers that we don’t tap into enough. Soon I was journaling and imagining who I can be, how fit, how trim, how much more energetic. I had to expand my idea of my life. I asked the questions above. The biggest one, the one that drove me out of my limiting stories was: HOW DO I WANT TO SHOW UP EACH DAY? This question brings out the best in us.

  5. CLARITY to understand exactly how are we going to live, what will you do to ensure you are giving your best? It’s not always about efforting, often it is relaxing into a new story, not resisting the old one, imagining a new story, imagining an empowering story for your life and career.

DO IT! I got up, I committed to being the best I could be, to get fit. And do you know what? The first week I was sore, the next week only for a few days, the next week I felt strong! The next week I went twice that week. I love how I feel, I love what momentum I have created and I know I learned this lesson once more!

Just as I coach and train each week, I urge you to use the power of your soul. This deep power of who we are fuels our thoughts, fuels our decisions, and fuels our actions. Just as Wayne Dyer would say so often, reminding us of the genius of sages along the centuries, “you are what you repeatedly think.”

Once I began to think of myself as a fit, energetic, courageous woman, I was able to shed the old stories, shed the pounds around my physical body and shed the limiting thoughts.

I feel lighter in so many ways now as I learned once again, the lessons keep showing up for our growth. I dive into my problems to grow. That’s who I want to be, that’s how I want to show up for my clients and my loved ones...LIVE LIFE FULLY!

Bring Your Soul to Work, to life and to your workout! It feels great! Dive into the new version of you, the one who shows up to live life fully. Get your soul involved and feel the extra fuel!

This is exactly what I talk about on my Clarity Calls. Book one now if you are ready to shift.


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Mo Faul
Mo Faul, author of Are You Living IT? 5 Secrets to Living your MOST LIFE and producer of the film Dream, Girl, is a 25 year, healthcare executive turned career and life coach and the creator of the Career Breakthrough Coaching Program where she wo Continue reading