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Are You the Biggest Obstacle to Realizing Your Dreams?

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Are You the Biggest Obstacle to Realizing Your Dreams?

Self-Love and Self-Acceptance: Keys to Your Dreams!
Linda Howe
Linda Howe More by this author
May 18, 2015 at 08:00 AM

For as long as I can remember, I have had a deep desire to stride my soul’s path, confidently and purposefully. Even as a teen, there was a strong stirring within me urging me to stand tall and move forward in the world. Along the way, I’ve encountered many people who share this same dream for themselves. In my new book, Discover Your Soul’s Path through the Akashic Records, I reveal the steps I took in my own journey to discover and uncover the obstacles to my dreams.
Now that I’ve reached the age of 60, I notice now how many people have “retired” their dreams. I have wondered, how did that happen? However, I must confess, there have been moments I considered relinquishing my desires. What could possibly thwart such a powerful drive in us, to discover our own path and travel it with vigor?

Exploring this within my Akashic Records, using my Pathway Prayer Process©, I initially inquired about the entire human race but was guided to focus on my own experience, with the treasury of wisdom that was geared toward me. I noticed that at every opportunity to step out into the world, I stumbled across what seemed to be a good reason, a valid concern, or a personal complaint I had against myself . . . I seemed to treat these obstacles as possessions in a prized collection.
At 14, I started at a wonderful new high school. I was full of enthusiasm and hope for my future. Then came a remark by a friend from the neighborhood: “Who do you think you are?” My interpretation of her question led me down a dark inner hallway of doors sealed shut. I promptly concluded I had no business expecting my dreams to come true. Adding fuel to the fire, I was incensed that I couldn’t shrug off the adolescent comment!
Continuing on, I was confounded by my parents’ ideas for me. My father hoped I would soar with solid secretarial skills; my mother prodded me to develop the glamorous advertising career she had always wanted. I was distressed because their dreams for me did not align with my own, and I was also angry at myself for wanting to earn their approval and not disappoint them. This all added to my growing list of self-inflicted grievances—and further obstructed my vision of my soul’s path.
Reaching my early 30’s, I had friends with “real” jobs. They worked in computers, sales, and finance. They wore business suits and had expense accounts. Comparing myself to them was unfair; I didn’t want to do what they were doing. But I did envy them. Once again, I was exasperated by not succeeding according to someone else’s model, and by regretting it.

Many of my friends are now retired, while in some ways I am just getting started. Through the eyes of my fearful self (and the lens of our youth-obsessed culture), it is way too late to discover my soul’s path. I disagree. With experience and wisdom, I comfortably claim my place on the perfect path for me. Shining Akashic Light on this topic, I notice the number one obstacle to discovering my soul’s path is not peer pressure, my parents’ misplaced dreams, or collective cultural concepts. Rather, the problem is that I have accumulated self-inflicted grievances. For me the main obstacle to discovering my Soul’s path has been negative self-judgment and criticism. Perhaps it is that way for you, too.
Today, I am thrilled to report that my professional dreams are unfolding at the perfect pace! My third book, Discover Your Soul’s Path through the Akashic Records, has just been published. With every moment of self-acceptance, obstacles to my view dissolve and my path emerges more clearly.
Interestingly, the number one illuminator of the path is self-acceptance! The key to seeing my path more clearly has been developing a practice of rendering unconditional self-love in the form of kind, respectful responses to myself: “Of course!” “No wonder!” “It’s okay to be imperfect!” In any and all circumstances, I relinquish criticism and judgment and, instead, simply say to myself, “It’s okay, you’re human.” This dose of self-love initiates the release of the grievance. As my resentment melts, my disgust dissolves. This exposes my path and allows me to travel it in the best way possible, with eyes and heart wide open to the future.
Try it! See your path more clearly, through the eyes of unconditional self-love! Notice when you are being rude or disrespectful to yourself. Perhaps you are judging the way you look or feel or think or act, whatever. Break the cycle! Simply say, “Of course, it’s okay.” Be prepared to see the path that is uniquely yours to walk, as it becomes illuminated by the light of love living within you!

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