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Are You Wired for Wealth?

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Are You Wired for Wealth?

Start recognizing your resources.
Laura Leigh Clarke
Laura Leigh Clarke More by this author
Jul 26, 2012 at 10:00 AM

What if you just “knew” precisely how to make more money, given your personality and your circumstances? What would that mean for how you would spend your time? How much more freedom would that give you? And what would that do for your confidence?

What I’ve noticed in coaching hundreds of individuals to make more money is that most people are very good at setting goals and intentions. But actually having them materialize is sometimes a little inconsistent. When you know where your money genius lies though—you are automatically able to achieve more because you know exactly where your efforts should be focused, and you consciously adopt strategies aligned with your strengths. 

There are 8 money genius profiles, and 8 corresponding ways to make money. When you know which way works for your profile, you can ignore all the other strategies, and focus on just the one that works for you. No more spreading yourself thin, or being overwhelmed by too many opportunities.

By contrast, if you continue to pursue any other strategy outside your natural profile, making money is much more difficult. You may be playing outside your profile right now.  If making money is hard work, and rewards aren’t fulfilling there is a good chance it is not aligned with what you love to do and you’re experiencing profile tension. 

Let me give you an example. If your money genius profile is that of a Supporter profile, you’re likely to be at ease with people, and be genuinely interested in them. You’re going to have a natural tendency to develop win-win situations for people, and have a large network to nurture. If this is your profile, your time is best spent delivering value to and connecting with your network – not at the computer, fiddling around trying to build a website.

Stack the odds in your favor: and start by doing what you love to do... those things that light you up.

Ok, so let’s just say you go and do that now, and you only do things that are within your money genius profile strengths. If you’re a supporter profile, who is lit up spending time with people, who is doing all the other things you need doing – like filing your tax returns, or paying bills, or looking after anything technical you need doing in your job or business? Do you just ignore these things?

No, of course not. That’s not practical. But there are lots of creative things you can do in order to make sure they still get done, even if you’re not in a position to be able to pay someone. The idea to keep coming back to is TEAM. Other people are the bridge to your success – always!

If you’re in a job, and there are tasks that are sucking the life out of you, find someone on your team who loves to do them... and there will be someone, I guarantee it. Swap some tasks with them and you can start taking on more of what you love to do. For example, if you hate going to networking meetings, and your colleague dreads having to do her expense report – swap the tasks. She goes to the networking meeting for you, and you do some paperwork for her. You’ll both get much more out of the experience. 

I see this in businesses where this is adopted. Instead of having a team of people clock-watching, struggling to do things they find dull and draining, they instead take the tasks that fit their profile. In doing this, productivity soars. The individuals have more energy, the team has more synergy, creativity is awakened, and everyone lights up pulling in the direction of a common goal – much to the benefit of each of them and the business.

Imagine how much easier your life would be if you knew your profile and what things you should focus on in order to make more money. Imagine how fun life would become if you could do just what you love to do.

This is one part of transforming ourselves into a money magnet... but there are six other keys which we need to use to unlock our money genius potential that lies dormant within us. Unleash this potential with all these seven keys and you too can make a massive shift from working hard for money that you spend just as quickly, to becoming truly wired for wealth.

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