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Are Your Bed Sheets Making You Sick?

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Are Your Bed Sheets Making You Sick?

Chris  Prelitz
Chris Prelitz More by this author
Dec 04, 2009 at 05:15 AM 0 comments

We spend about a third of our lives curled up in bed. That’s the time that our bodies need to rest and rejuvenate. But, lurking under our covers may not be the most healthy option for recharging our physical, mental and spiritual batteries. Many allergies are a direct result of chemicals in cotton fibers we either wear or sleep on.

Toxic chemical residue remains in industrially treated fibers used to make most cotton sheets. Conventional cotton is also subjected to chemical baths and treatments when the fabric is loomed and prepared for cutting. Persistent contact with the skin can aggravate a variety of allergies and allergic symptoms, especially for those with asthma and multiple chemical sensitivities. If you have any chemical sensitivities or would like to increase your vitality and immune system strength, consider giving yourself the gift of organic cotton sheets.

Organic bedding and linens use raw materials that are grown without chemical fertilizers, and either left natural, dyed with low-impact environmental dyes or dyed with natural colorants such as clay. Organic cotton is being widely embraced by holistic practitioners as having positive chi or energy, which can benefit our well being - especially those suffering or recovering from illness. More evidence to this truth is that organic cotton can be worn by people with chemical sensitivities, who have allergic reactions to the dyes and chemical traces in conventional cotton.

Besides the health benefits that you’ll enjoy from your organic cotton sheets, quilts, and pillows there are environmental benefits too. When buying organic cotton, you’re supporting the organic farming industry, a growing movement working to improve the health of the soil, plants, animals and people.  As sales of organic cotton rises, this gives motivation to conventional farmers who are trying to convert to organic practices. You also help to reduce the amount of potentially harmful chemical compounds in the air.

Spread the “Go Organic” message to friends and family and you’ll help raise our global consciousness about the benefits of making better choices for our health and the health of Mother Earth. And, what a wonderful holiday present to give to the ones you love.

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