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Ask For It!

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Ask For It!

Go beyond your limitations.
Loral  Langemeier
Loral Langemeier More by this author
Feb 20, 2012 at 09:00 AM

Most people are having the wrong conversation. Or conflicting conversations. Or worse, no conversation at all. We continue to live in old models of making a living, education, relationships, and fulfillment—and they just don’t work. I’m not sure they ever did. History has always had one constant among humankind, and that’s frustration. Many have always been, and continue to be, tired and unsatisfied. That type of living can and should end. Living is an action. We can all do it better.

One of the reasons why we don’t get what we want is that we don’t ask for what we want. Out to eat with some colleagues, I had a relevant experience. Once everyone’s dinners arrived, one of the people at the table compared her less-impressive plate of food to her neighbor’s. “I didn’t know you could get chips with the fish,” she said. “Was that on the menu?”

“No,” explained the woman with the chips. “I just asked for it.”

“You can do that?” the first woman replied.

We all looked at her, somewhat stunned. A woman we knew, who was sitting right in front of us, wasn’t aware that she could ask for what she wanted, that she could, literally, order off the menu?

Talk about having the wrong conversation. In fact, many times, people are more likely to state what they don’t want, rather than what they do want. Maybe because it’s so easy to do so. I hear it all the time: “I don’t want to work. . . . I don’t want to be single . . . I don’t want to be so unhealthy . . . I don’t want to be saddled with all these bills . . . I don’t want to spend my whole life not getting what I want . . . I don’t want to be so stressed-out all the time.”

Too many live in fear, feeling lucky just to be able to order what’s on the menu. There is no reason to undercut our own chances for success. We limit our lives, our choices—everything. We’re constantly setting boundaries, more clear on what we don’t want than on what we do want.

History has proved that human beings are incredibly capable. Look at all that’s been accomplished, good and bad, by people on this planet. Yet, in their wildest imaginations, I wonder if the cavemen would have conjured up cathedrals, or pioneers would ever have predicted space travel. Accomplishments were never easy; success always came at a price. Galileo was suppressed, Madame Curie criticized, and even Elvis was told to go back to driving a truck.

A new conversation means a solution orientation, which means no-limit thinking. This is the idea that we emphasize possible over impossible, creative over fixed, new over traditional. No-limit thinking means we ask: “Why wouldn’t I?” and “How can we?” rather than wonder if we can. It’s breaking the rules, as sourced from Spirit and in a positive energy, and making “Because I can” your mantra.

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Loral  Langemeier
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