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How to Finally Attract the Quality of Love You Give

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How to Finally Attract the Quality of Love You Give

What's Love Got to Do With It? Everything!
Gerry  Gavin
Gerry Gavin More by this author
Feb 14, 2017 at 03:15 PM

Editor’s Note: Below is a channeled message from the angel Margaret:

Often times people ask me, "Margaret, why is romantic love so difficult to find—and keep?"

Dearest One,

It may be difficult to believe it now, but this message is for you.

This is YOUR Valentine's card. 

This is YOUR bouquet of flowers. Receive it in your soul.

As a soul, you are a being of pure love. 

If you love someone

That energy of love desires nothing more than to expand that love toward others. 

As a soul, sharing love is very easy because love is the essence of your being.

But what if they don’t show you love?

As a human being, you have come into an incarnation that seeks to expand its energy through experiences with others – and as such, some of these experiences will come from a place of love—and others will not.

Your love will automatically stimulate that same response in the soul you love – even if in their human form they do not feel that love.

It is not wasted.

As you love them, you are expanding love in your direction as well.

You seek to find things that vibrate in a similar manner to the energy of love.  

There are actually instruments now that measure vibrational frequency.  

They will show when something is vibrating at a high, alkaline, healthy, or loving frequency – or when it is at a low, acidic, un-healthy or non-loved frequency.  

Before one discounts this theory as being a bit woo-hoo for your beliefs, I would point out that one of the most trusted and accurate medical testing devices – the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) – does exactly that by pointing out parts of the body that are resonating, or vibrating at a magnetic frequency that is different from healthy tissue and cells – and they secure the measurement of the vibration of healthy tissue and cells before-hand so that they can utilize that benchmark!

When you express love it multiplies

So how do you show others that you love them?

How do you multiply that love so you receive it back?

Sometimes expressions of Love come within the words of beautifully ornate greeting cards.

When you express love, it comes back to you multiplied. — Margaret


Sometimes they might be expressed through the gift of beautiful flowers

Or maybe chocolates that are presented within beautiful heart shaped boxes. 

Perhaps your expression is in the form of doing something for another that will allow them to clearly feel that they are important to you! 

Because LOVE is an actual energy

What is interesting is that all of these methods of expressing love have their roots in the actual exchange of energy that occurs from the soul of one individual towards the soul of another!

So how then do these expressions of love actually make you feel loved energetically? 

Like the energy of flowers

Flowers have a vibration that is very high and roses, in particular, have one of the highest vibrations of any life form on the planet.

That is why the touch of the rose petal or the smell of the flower will actually lead you to raise your vibration to a greater state of well-being. 

Or the energy of chocolate

The compound chemicals in chocolate actually cause the release of the same hormones that you release when you feel the emotion of love. 

This is why eating chocolate also causes a feeling of well-being, why it has become so very popular and why it can even become a bit addictive. 

So we can see how two of these symbols of love are actually stimulating the release of physical well-being. 

And what of a pretty card?

I have often spoken about how very much I love language, as words also carry with them a very specific vibration and frequency.  

LOVE is one of those words that is not only the most powerful energy in all of creation...

LOVE is the most powerful word!  

It does not matter what language you say it in – LOVE is such a clear cellular vibrational energy that its name is understood at the core of your physical being as the essence of who you are! 

So when you tell someone you love them, while feeling a genuine emotion in that regard — or they say the same to you — you are actually tapping directly into the purest energy there is.

It is the energy of your soul.  

When you say the word Namaste, you are essentially saying “I bow to the God-ness within you” or “I honor the oneness of our beings.”  

When you say and feel the word LOVE, you are saying “I honor and feel the essence of our souls and how they connect!”  

The greeting card that delivers this message, either in a way of expressing appreciation that you might not have the communicative ability to say – or in a humorous way that creates not only love, but lightness of being as well – is a tool that further solidifies the power of that word in a more physical written form.

But make no mistake

The most powerful way of transmuting the energy of love – is in the expression of acts of love and kindness. 

Words, however sincere and powerful as they might be, are a small part of the energy that is created by loving actions.  

Actions of love – no matter how small you think they might be – are extremely powerful!  

Love is never wasted.

Love multiplies the way that money in the bank gains interest. 

The energy of love creates more of itself, compounding simply because you deposited it into someone else’s energetic account! 

But it doesn't just stay there!

The most interesting thing about this deposit, is that it is ALWAYS mirrored back to you in some form. 

YOU are the one who receives the benefit of the growth of that love too!

Now that you know this, let's look at it another way.

Sometimes there is the assumption, or the hope, that you are going to get love back from the same person with whom you made the deposit. 

But not always…so…

Is it wasted? 

Not at all, my dearest!

That love is actually being deposited into a much larger account, and will invariably come back to you multiplied. 

Be open to realizing that...

It will come back to you

Remember that when you are creating energy by an act of your love, you are getting back an act of love in return — acts of love take many, many different forms.  

In ways you can't yet imagine!

Gerry once experienced a morning where he was running late for work and then got held up in traffic, due to another person’s car breaking down up ahead. He was worried because he had a very important meeting that morning and if he missed his connecting bus he would be late for the meeting.  

When he got to the bus stop it was past the time for the bus to leave, but there was still a long line of people waiting. 

His bus came moments later and fortunately was held up in the same traffic as Gerry – only a bit further back. 

He was on time for what turned out to be a very successful business meeting and realized that the poor person who had a broken down car that morning actually had offered him a great act of personal sacrifice and love – and he was grateful. 

Love comes to you in many, many ways.

So I would urge you to continue to express love in the many wonderful ways that you have developed.

Give cards, candy, flowers, dinners, movies, dancing, and date nights and as many other possible gifts and ways that you can think of to spread love’s energy.  

Do acts of kindness for others you know.

Those you do not know.

And for yourself! 

Feel love in the depth of your heart and don’t be afraid to say the word LOVE out loud for the world to hear!

When doing acts of love and kindness, do so without the desire for return from that person, but knowing that...

love always finds its origin!

And most of all – know that from a host of angels, a loving a grateful Creator, and from billions of higher selves that you interact with all the time – YOU ARE LOVED!

Go in Peace, Love , Joy, and Expansion


Editor's Note: For more of Margaret's loving channelling through Gerry Gavin, you will want to also read If You Could Talk to An Angel available through, and



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