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Attracting More Money with Energy

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Attracting More Money with Energy

Where does abundance begin?
Hay House
Jan 03, 2014 at 09:00 AM

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary says that money is a “medium of exchange, a measure of value, a means of payment.” In short, money is what people use to buy things. Nothing evil, unspiritual, or too materialistic there.  Money is simply a part of the physical-living process, and in the past it came in forms as varied as stones, beads, feathers, fishhooks, animal skins, and shells.

 To establish a standard value in the system, metal coins were later made, each one stamped with a design to guarantee its value. These first were made around 600 B.C. in the country now called Turkey, and paper money got its start in China during the 1300s. Today we give paper money and coins to people for the things they sell or the work they do.

 Simple, isn’t it? Where it gets complex is that many people don’t have sufficient paper or coins to exchange for the goods and services they need and want. Why not? Because their consciousness isn’t attracting, or it’s literally repelling, the energy of money. And that’s very curious, because the energy of all form, including money, is already an inherent part of each individual’s Force Field, an essential part of his/her Light Body.

 To help me understand this, I redefined money as follows: “Money is My Own Natural Energy Yield.” Let’s analyze each word more fully.

 What does my mean? It relates to me or myself as a possessor of something. What about own? It means “belonging to oneself.” And natural?  It means “God-given, genuine, normal, an essential essence.” How about energy?  This word was first coined by Aristotle to express the concept of “vigor of expression.” The Mystery School in Alexandria then began using the word to describe “cosmic forces,” the Power and Force of Omnipotence, that which we are individualized. Each one of us is the very Energy of the Universe personified. The word yield is defined as harvest, return, payment—in other words, to bring something forth as a result of cultivation or as a return from investment.

 With the above understanding, let’s now describe money in this way: “Money is my very essence, which when properly expressed, returns to me as an all-sufficiency of legal tender, to be used in exchange for goods and services.”

 Now we see that in its original form (energy), money has already been distributed equally among all souls on the planet, and an equal opportunity exists right now for every single individual to enjoy a full measure of visible abundance. You are your own money. Money is you!


A Thought-Form for Abundance


I am the Spirit of Infinite Plenty individualized.

I am boundless abundance in radiant expression.

I am wonderfully rich in consciousness.

I am bountifully supplied with money.

I happily see every bill paid now.

I joyfully see every obligation met now.

I lovingly see myself sharing my bounty for the good of all according to the Father’s guidance.

With great delight, I see the continuing flow of this money used with love and wisdom as I create the perfect scenes according to my highest vision.



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