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Contributor Abby Wynne


Abby Wynne
Abby Wynne

Abby Wynne is a shamanic psychotherapist, energy healer, author and teacher. She blends psychotherapy, shamanism and reiki for a powerful and unique healing experience and teaches her online community how they can empower themselves through spiritual work. 


Abby runs a private practice in Dublin, Ireland, and sees many clients from around the world for one-to-one healing and mentoring sessions, in person or on Skype. Abby also runs online classes and workshops, and has a weekly newsletter with exclusive content for her readers.


You can visit her community on Facebook or her website to find out more.



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Energy Healing Basics

Abby Wynne talks about her Hay House Basics book on Energy Healing. Keep watching to the end for a healing exercise!


Energy Healing
Energy Healing

In this book, energy healer and psychotherapist Abby Wynne explains the basic concepts of energy healing and gives you exercises and techniques for getting started right away. You don't have to look o

How to Be Well
How to Be Well

In her work as a shamanic psychotherapist, Abby Wynne helps people to release repetitive patterns of stress and create huge space for wellness, happiness, peace and empowerment. In How to Be Well, Abb