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Contributor Adam C. Hall


Adam C. Hall
Adam C. Hall
Adam C. Hall is Chairman & Founding Steward of EarthKeeper Alliance, Inc., an UnDevelopment company which combines land conservation with land development to support the economic and ecologic viability of current and future generations. Wilderness land is restored and protected in perpetuity - as a living legacy to investors. Formerly, Hall was an investment-banker and real estate developer whose unconventional and unexpected 'mid-life crisis radically altered his relationship to the Earth. No longer able to accept that the 'highest and best use' of a property is maximising its income-producing potential, he developed an alternate model that makes allies of developers and environmentalists within the larger context of the Human/Nature eco-system.



Back to the Garden In his moving new memoir, Earthkeeper , Adam C. Hall describes his awakening from an unexamined life of pursuing wealth, privilege, and power at any... Comments


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The Earthkeeper
The Earthkeeper

The EarthKeeper is an inspiring story about a ruthless millionaire who woke up from his worldly life to become a steward of the planet in the sacred traditions of the Hopi, Mayan and Incan cultures. T