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Contributor Anodea Judith


Anodea Judith
Anodea Judith

Anodea Judith, Ph.D., is a therapist and workshop leader who has written extensively on the use of the chakra system as a template for transformation. Her books include Eastern Body, Western Mind (Celestial Arts, 1996), Wheels of Life (Llewellyn, 2004), and numerous audio and visual works, including a spectacular DVD, The Illuminated Chakras (Sacred Centers, 2004).



Charging up your Chakras
7 Keys to Your Aliveness I discuss in my book, Charge And The Energy Body: The Vital Key To Healing Your Life, Your Chakras, And Your Relationships , what it's like to have a... Comments
A woman plays a violin in a field
The Purifying Nature Of Sound Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. - Buddha The element of the fifth chakra is sound, and this chakra relates to... Comments
How Working With Your Root Chakra Can Help You Lose Weight One of the most precious gifts we are given in life is our body. Equipped with everything we might need, our body is the vehicle in which we take the... Comments


Loveability by Robert Holden

 Love is your destiny. It is the purpose of your life. It is the key to your happiness and to the evolution of the world. Loveability is a medita


Charge and the Energy Body
Charge and the Energy Body

We all know what it’s like to have a “charge” about something. It’s a feeling of excitement, fear, sexual arousal, or irritation. But what we don’t currently know is how to use charge for the behavior


Chakras are energy centers within the body, centers of organization that receive, assimilate, and transmit life force energy. Our physical, mental and emotional states depend on the state of each of t